Is it just bad luck or is it a bug?

This problem happens to me not often but now it has happened to me 2 times within a week where the loading requires 205 MB and doesn’t let me play the game and the last time this happened to me I had to restart my phone 2 times and I opened the game 11 times (not an expression, I kept count) before it let me play the game forcing me from being at 3.3GB to 5-6 GB. Has this happened to anyone else?

Remove porn from phone.


There is none

And I am serious I don’t want jokes

Other people have had the same issue

Is there no error or socket code?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

Sometimes its because you dont have room on your device. Remove any apps you dont use, delete pics you dont need that should clear up space hence my “remove porn” joke. Lighten up…


K I will try that

if your phone removes buffered files automatically then this will happen. some phones remove em while restarting.

It worked thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Please don’t post on this topic anymore My problem has been solved and this has nothing to do with my pfp

Request ladygeek to lock it. She will.

Closing at OP’s request.