Is it going to be POSSIBLE for me to make my S Laopo Tier 4 in time? (Red Velvet)?

Even using coins and/or $$?

I’ve included a screenshot below of where my Laopo is at right now. I already almost ALL of my league points AND all 10 Bloody Shirt collections to get the Gloves, Radios, and Watches for Tier 3. I’m using YGL to level her up, I’m not worried about level up, but primarily these 30(!) GLOVES in the next 5 days and 12 hours.

I cannot get ANY more gloves from Bloody Shirts (unless they added another collection) - I already did this one 10 times. I have only completed the other Bloody Shirts collection with Hockey Masks/GPS/Canteens once though, so I can do that one 9 more times (I have enough shirts).

I have 22,719 league tokens right now, and from the current level up I can get 30,500 more (top 3 tiers); and from SR I can get 9,000 more (finished silver so far). That’s a total of 62,219 league tokens.

However, 30 gloves=30*2400=72,000 league tokens.

On top of that, if I use the bloody shirt collections to get 4 GPS and 4 Canteens, that leaves one more for 3 Hockey Masks, so I’m also 6 Hockey Masks short of 30.

6 more hockey masks=6*6000=36,000 league tokens

So, from Level Up and SR, I’ve counted that I can get up to 62,219 tokens, but the missing gloves+masks seems that it will cost me 108,000 tokens.

Is there ANY way that I can POSSIBLY complete this collection in the next 5 days? Any way to get more League Tokens, Gloves, and/or Masks?

My Laopo was max S-Class Tier 2 when this Red Velvet collection came out, and it would be seriously messed up if I can’t (even by spending!!) turn any of them in. I have soooooooooooo many Red Velvet Cakes, since I don’t have a lot of premier toons, this would be HUGE.


Why would you turn her in? So much gear lost for 1,1k s class items.

uhhh… what? you don’t lose your toon in the red velvet collections…


What really? Okay I’m really stupid lmao


did Onslaught give league tokens these last two times?

Can I see the defense of yours in which she leads ? :slight_smile:

Laopo Gabe Will Glenn Violet

Only items with red exclamation are turned in

I was thinking about:

Laopo S Class - Aarav S class - Doc - Doc - Lydia/Guardian Rick/Maggie command/Bruce Allan Cooper ?


Laopo S Class - Aarav - Doc - Maggie Command - Bruce Allan Cooper / Guardian RIck with ABS?


um… ok…
anyone have any ideas on the topic I started this thread for?

Maybe, but it’s going to be quite close.

Small amounts of League store tokens can drop in Onslaught (unfortunately, small is the key word, I remember getting one for 20), are in placement if your faction does well enough I think, and you will get some from arena.

Hockey masks are also available in the faction assault store; it’s random though when you will get them and you can only buy one when it’s up. Still, it would reduce the amount needed by 6k.

Torch map has a choice box with hockey masks. If you have a few runs of that stored up it would reduce the amount quite a bit; they also sometimes have a few torch chance bags that might buy you two runs (if you buy all, I think at least - not sure about the amounts.)

Then there’s the levelup starting later this week, which will have more league store tokens.

Sometimes they have gear bags in the store for coins as well.

So it might be possible, depending on what resources you have, and what offers they ut up. If you do make it, I hope you have some Benny boxes left, I hear the T4 takes a lot of XP.

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Thank you!!!

The torch map suggestion is huge! I can definitely bang that guy out a few times. Good to know Onslaught might give a couple too. And also didn’t remember the few you get from Arenas, definitely gonna go for those #1 finishes too… All awesome suggestions, thanks so much bro. Gonna take my best shot at it!

Don’t have a ton of bennies… or any lol… but it’s only level 90 and not all the way to 150 thankfully… And I am gonna be running him through YGL nonstop. I figure if I manage the gear I can figure out somehow to get the XP lol.

Thank you!

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Her, Laopo is a woman.

Thats my defense not his

and how would you know his or her preferred gender pronoun?

since you just haaaadd to be that guy smh

Because they said ‘she’ and ‘her’ in the story map lol.

Yea that ^

Onslaught tomorrow and a new level up after that. So more league points to come. :slight_smile:

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