Is it even worth it to ascend characters anymore?

I mean, in the short term a lot of ascendables are probably viable, but I have a feeling a lot of these amigos won’t be useful at all in the coming months.

Well since you quit I would say probably not worth it.


Addiction and Stockholm is a strong thing.

None of those r worth ascending. maybe Moira and Solange

Nice level up fodder…You could use them all on Old School or if you are a collector like me you may get some use of these chars…But you quited…so ot doesnt matter

I’m hanging onto a few just for level ups - the new Maggie, the new Michonne and this new Mr Jones is spending isn’t required to get him.

But for actual gameplay only a handful of my 6stars are worth using now with Pete, Christa and/or Kapoor.

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Zanders a beast.


Zander is better then siddiq? Confuse active skill saves my butt more often then not Zander has disarm and ap gain…I don’t see Sid in his roster but just wondering. If you were to have Sid already would Zander be better?

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Morgan and Tobin still have a place being that the meta is red heavy and they are high damage toons but I have the same issue almost 50+ toons to ascend with no real reason to do it.


I have Siddiq, I never have used him though, he’s maxed I think.

I don’t know about your situation but if it’s similar to mine, no. From a casual standpoint, maybe.

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Both are good… why do you need more confuse than what your double Priyas offer you :wink::wink::wink:.

I’m able to use Zander to then use doc again to taunt those toons that give me trouble.


Double Mia teams with tanky Pete…sometimes he just don’t die haha

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Camila, Zander, Maggie, Moira and Morgan are all worth ascending imo. The rest, not so much.

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is it worth still quiting

Im still ascending my priyas, aaravs, guos, and wangfas. Worth it to have dupes of them i think. Maybe also another laopo

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