Is it crazy to ask for a legacy/S-class toon?

What if they put out an S-class toon who was also ascendable from 5* characters we already had. This way we would still have to ascend 2 five stars and collect 6k shards to S Class them. Seems fair right.


You forgot to include the part where scopely can make money. Without that part, it’ll never happen.


They still make money on us spending on gear to ascend and possibly purchasing items in events to obtain shards for the character s class version same as we do now.

so manyu 5* will never get to be 6* or s-class :frowning:

Terrible idea and was a terrible idea before.

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I always hoped they’d ascend little blue Carl with the machine gun but now even if they do he will be useless

If this were done it would probably turn out like romonov did when he became a legacy (red one)

All of the legacy toons were garbage so even if they were to do that it would be a toon worse than kapoor

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It’s crazy. Legacy ascendables worked out terribly overall - it ws bad when they were released, it was bad when they weren’t released, it was bad when they were useless, it was bad when they were great, it was bad when they were put into events as rewards and it was bad when they were not.

It was an interesting idea in theory, but didn’t play out well. It’s best if they don’t repeat this mistake.


Legacy ascendable toons were garbage by design, we wanted and begged for them.

Scopely said fine, we will make them…trash.

Can’t say they never made a legacy ascendable though.

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That’s true. Well then here’s a another idea… They need to put the five star versions of the s class toons they already made in the 5* wheel.

The only ascendable I can say I’ve used which were good at their time not so much anymore tho were donny and eric

To answer the initial question: yes

Donny and Eric beg to differ.

Only one I use still is douglas in sr.

Let the 5s die, so we can finally clear rosters

There’s still a couple of good five stars

They got a unreleased s class marlon and rosie strong edition.

Like what if they made a sclass donny I’d go for that even if his AR was mostly the same as it is now just with higher stats and say better lead skill
50def 50%hp to yellow and red or 40hp 40 def and huge bonus when defending

Exactly they will still make money from it either way it just might not be a large amount