Is it better Hengyen or Aarav?

Is it better Hengyen or Aarav?

aarev is a damagemachine
hyugyen is more a support

They’re both really nice toons. Aarav can get kills faster and more consistently, but hengyen can bleed them out and if he hit them with headhunter then they’re staying down when they die. Together theyd be really good. But alone it depends if you want more consistent and quick kills (aarav), or take a bit longer with bleed and decaps (hengyen)

Way to straddle the fence and not pick one there lol

Aarav is better by far speed and damage make him a killing machine

A crazy bleed team I could think of a class wise is James Hengyen and raulito which is 3,100 bleed or with raulito a leaders skill it could be up to 3,700 bleed

Don’t forget about Rick/Shiva.

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I just wanted to lay out the arguments for both so he could choose depending on his playstyle. Quick and consistent damage, and probably kills, or bleed damage that would take longer but with his specialist decapitate in the end

Aarav can work well “alone” since he is a big damage dealer, Hengyen is dope but he need a entire team with bleed to make him killer.

What hasn’t been mentioned yet is the fact that Hengyen stuns 2 for 3 turns too which is a pretty big deal. His Headhunter combined with his +90crit keeps toons down unlike Aarav.
Aarav however can ensure he’s not hitting Payback. And has a very good cleanse skill.

Also worth mentioning that Hengyen’s weapon is has an excellent 3rd slot whilst Aaravs will probably be replaced by a lot of people. But patience makes this point moot.

As people have said Aarav hits like a train but nothing to keep them down so revives and whatever are a pain to fight against. Also payback because if he kills he can auto rush into a payback toon and wipe your team out

Hengyen is a lot more controlled, slows down the teams with his stun and headhunter keeps them down but like everyone says he is much slower.You don’t need a bleed team with hengyen to make him work, just heavy hitters to follow up when he procs headhunter.

Both work well in different setups or together so it depends on your roster but realistically you want both as a class before you will see anything from them

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My Hengyen hits hard usually can take out a toon. Plus with the bleed. He does work. But I seeing players recking with Aarav in the arena. Plus Decap.

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