Is it any way to buy Lug Nuts?

I’m a new player and wish to know will it be possible to buy Lug Nuts cause I have checked all regions and it seems to be the ones that buys win all. Is this a good system for new players yes or no? Just wanting a answer before i decide to play more and buy or quit game. Thank you for responses.

Yes. Buy and you shall win

Run away. Just, run away.


Non troll answer…

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As with the previous platinum medal event, you could expect scopely to sell these a couple of days before the end.

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Thank you everyone. I’m trying to play this game but i’m not sure if its for new players. But I was aiming for Rosie and Marion. I’m at 8k going on 9k. The rng box is a joke I tried and failed 2 times. I played the Looney toons app and heard this the same company so i wanted to give it a try. Just not certain if even spending I will make it to 15k. The last events I will only be able to make it in top50 so this looks very grim.

I saved my gold on that 1 I think crate is the usually scopely odds 10% I’m shocked it’s even that high

Yeah i wanted to try a zombie game that me and other friends i know could try. I’ll buy if the game is fun so i’m just testing before I get my friends to come tag along on this app. Rng on this app seems very low…so I wanted to do level ups and see how a normal joe could get rewarded good or poorly. the top 10 in each region i asked told me they buy everything to win. And said i’ll never get this toon cause they are gods or some stuff. I want to see if they are correct or wrong.

Level ups are hard if your not stockpiled and have t4-1 6* to get tons of points. This game is alot easier for newer players than when we started i would say. imo, save it. Marlon and rosie are hard hitting, but gen 1 6*. The meta is shifting and u dont wanna buy stuff as its begining to go outdated. Would save for other events/options


The salt is strong in this one… Hut yeah, honestly. I can try to be positive but get out while u can.

Try autozone or advance autoparts.

Though if you have special keyed lug nuts you may need to get them from the dealer. Giant pain in the ass cause when you get new tires they’ll ‘forget’ to leave your lug nut key in the glove box after they use it.


So this game is very bad on the player base? I know Looney Toon App they seem nice and try to talk to people if something wrong. I just found this forum from one of the players that told me I should go here and hear what all says before purchasing more. So I did just that.

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Hahaha meme was my exact reaction

If you enjoy a game, no decision is wrong.

I spend here cause I enjoy the game play and community. Yeah we all gripe. But we are all still here.


This game is quite enjoyable especially for new players. As long as you understand expectations and odds when spending money in this game, then you should enjoy it.

Well just wanted to see with my own eyes about things. I’ll see if I can get Rosie since I had a dog like her and just want to get that toon if possible and tell other players about this game. Thanks all for responding. I know i’ll be around 12k in the end so hopefully a deal happens so i may purchase if not i’ll just pack up and go. Scopely is just a company of business so i understand how it’s about money. But I want to see if people can really get good rewards for trying hard or it’s hopeless to play a game that’s impossible if that makes much sense. But thanks again for responses everyone.

Seems you’ve experienced the oh seems like a good idea keyed lug nut oh shit I got a flat and it’s not in my glove box compartment conundrum.

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Step 1: uninstall TWD RTS
Step 2: uninstall Looney Toons
Enjoy, you are now free! :hugs:

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If you’ve managed to collect 8k so far you have a reasonable chance of reaching 15k in the next 9 days but it’ll be close. G’luck.