Is it 20k 5*tokens or 20k Aquamarine necklaces?


When there was the nugget collections top prize was equivalent to an ascendable 6*. And there was a time we got Sid on top of 5* tokens.

As it seems now we only get the 4750 Aquamarine necklaces from milestones. That’s a fifth of a Lucas.

Wasn’t there this idea to make rewards better not worse? @kalishane please tell me that I’m wrong.


They seem to be scaling back on rewards. The collection items used to be part of the rank rewards but now tied to milestones that are of course more difficult due to shortened war weekend.


Rewards have been scaled back since they stopped giving toons as rewards, just pointless tokenz


Yes! These collections will be up for a while and aquamarine necklaces will be available in weekend tournaments.


Is there any way you can share with us the maximum amount of aquamarine necklaces we can get by hitting every milestone? Not counting the ones that may become purchasable although knowing that total amount wouldn’t hurt as well. Thank you.


I would like to understand the concept of why you are downscaling the rewards for the major event while increasing the amount of competition at the same time? I do not intend to come across inflammatory or spread negativity but can you please try to explain to us why this is a step forward and not backwards.

Maybe you don’t see it as a downscaling from previous events. But then also please let us know why you see this as an improvement to what we have seen in CRW with the Siddiq prize, the Wyatt or Vincent with the nuggets.


I was trying to soften it but yes you are right


Regular region war a few weeks/a month back had 20k 5* tokens as a 1st place did it not? Why haven’t CRW rewards improved?


Wait just weekends? How long will the collection be up for?


Weekend of March 23rd. Not CRW. If thats what we got for regular war, why aren’t CRW rewards better? That’s the premier event is it not?


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