Is hordes forgotten?

I have hella hordes can stashed up. Why not make a new exclusive hordes stash toon? (Or just make a stash with a bunch of 4 5, 6 star ar and active skill trainers. Add in some collectibles for 500 quantity and put like 10 of that collectible. 10 blue keys for 500 and etc.(10 of that collectible collected would be 5k)

If you guys forgotten and hordes. Why not remove it and re-comp us for the tokens we spent on em. Or just make a new hordes with a new stash with chars. (A horde stash with red negan as first and Green mike) (I barely see green mike anyway. Is he good, bad, mediocre?)

Just a idea and suggestion. Our last hordes was 2 months ago. (In august) I have a lot of horde cans I want to rid on getting 100k milestones

(Was the horde stash the only reason you liked it?)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I never liked hordes from the start.

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BRING HORDES BACK! I WANT TO BE THE ZOMBIE! @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely just take out s class toons for hordes and problem solved and buff walkers a bit and there ya go


Hordes need a serious rework to balance it with the new s class or restrictions on putting anything above a 6 star in it. But all this takes coding and some work and if the event wont make then any money anyway I’m sure the dont want to divert any attention to it. Everyone has cans stocked from no tourneys so they prob think there isnt any value in it.

Personally I hate the hell out of hordes and it can stay dead for eternity and I’ll be happy. If I wanted to play that type of crap game I would download a real one that’s not a forced minigame inside another


I only liked hordes for the stash. And the milestones that give you coins. I barely see the exclusive toon (Joshua) anyway same with sergio. And Hina

Hordes SUCK. They can keep it away


4* as only place-able Horde Defense is what I wish

Only reason i liked hordes was for the trainers from the stash, shitty gamemode/event.

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Hordes was great until I got into the Platinum league.

and then i hated it


Is who what?? :thinking:

NOOOOOOOOOOO please no more Ulysees!!!

All the rest I’m on board with!

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hmm so they’ve made plat mods and they said hordes is being worked on a few back.
Just use Zombie’s idea.
idk bout you guys but I have a buttload of 6 stars.

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What’s hordes?

Even the *6 versions of the S class toons would be too op for hordes imo

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Hordes was the only thing in this game that I ever did not like.

Hordes was dun bring it back just S class toons done. Oh and if it’s not coming back stop selling horde cans in the league store !

Yes, I’d like to see how would you handle S-Class toons like Pete, Priya or James.

Also, why are Horde cans still in Leagues store if there is no use for them?

hordes with s class toons… gg

I liked hordes but it wouldn’t be much fun now against S Class and veteran defence teams.

A short-term solution would be to simply disallow using S Class/veteran toons on defence, but long term, the walkers need to be dynamically buffed based on the enemy defence team they are facing.

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Is Hordes forgotten?"

I sincerely hope so.


What is Hordes?