Is Hordes a Great Addition or Wasted Potential?

  • Hordes is a great addition
  • Hordes is a forgettable game mode

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What could make Hordes better or what do you like about Hordes?

Not have it at the weekend requiring 4 logins a day to use free energy is not a weekend event!

Better prizes!

Balance needs to be sorted in higher league’s- much harder defences but not much better walker cards!

Need to sort search out so u don’t just get stuck facing same Def u can’t beat should switch like raids maybe every half hour!

Loads more suggestions I cud make but those are key…


Has potential just needs some things changed around


It’s the revive loop meta revived. We just got through the endless timeout teams and now they are just brought back into the game. Despite there being decap walkers you dont actually control who they attack. They change lanes and you are having to guess when to add them in to be beneficial. People aren’t using Walker defenses which is what you expect instead your just back to hp and more hp maybe getting lucky. Way to much rng and the team grade isnt high enough to be able to really bombard or have enough walkers to use different strategies


Still unsure about it. Is it normal that you have to get always the same people to fight against with your zombos? Also, my history shows the same few people who attack my defense. Strange.

It’s a good addition, but with changes it certainly can be a great addition


If energy refill was every 10-15mins and maxed at 8-10 I think it would bring me round to enjoying it more, it’s just a dead duck at the moment, there’s just nothing to do so not an event ATM


Stopped playing it already, demote me


Yeah know what you mean was going to promote to diamond three but with this event happening it put me back down to two:sob:

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Yeah definitely revive meta is back but worst with the unpredictable targeting with the walkers

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Would be more enjoyable if we can find opponents instead of matching up with players with s10 teams.


Find new opponent button pls. I don’t want to try that Pamela/Violet team lol

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Since cards are essentially the same between leagues, there should be different dogtag max for each.

Since Diamond leagues has mega-ridiculous OP premium teams, they should get 200/200 or maybe even 300/300 capability instead of having the same piddly 100/100 as Gold or Silver


All you have to do is wait 15 after you start a search and it will select a new opponent.

Scopes will be making this change for Raids also. Since it’s such a good idea. :thinking::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

It has potential, whoever the beta players are, they’re definitely not giving positive feedback

They must have used the same mechanic as their war matching.

For real, a refresh button would be amazing. Waiting 15 min for a new opponent is annoying af.

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I don’t even want to use them. How bad this event is. Good concept but really need to be fix and adjusted. Might be fun for lower lower leagues


Kinda feel like there are too many cards…only been playing for a couple days and already have over 20 different zombies and 18 different …what are they? Special power cards? And I’m sure I only have a fraction of all the cards available. And it’s not like I’m gonna scout every team and then try to figure out what the best combo of everything is vs that particular team and then spend 5 minutes carefully selecting cards based on how I think they will do against bear traps instead of land mines instead of mud pits. It might be nice to add an auto fill option if the system thinks some combo of your cards will be better against an enemy than some other combo.

All in all, at the moment it is fairly boring and I’m no more surprised if I lose a battle than if I win one. Plus…the prizes blow.