Is Hina a f2p or p2p toon?

So far she looks p2p but she is def a f2p toon as far as skill, stats and rush imho. The roadmap to get sandwhichs is no where near enough to do the other 3 maps which are needed to get picnic blankets to unlock the roadmap to get her and the roadmap goes to S10 which i am sure will be impossible for most and worst it will be a guessing game of if it’s walkers or humans, even worse if it is both! These kind of things i do love tho, i want to play the game and earn a toon but i wont pay for a toon esp a mediocre one and the roadmaps being crazy hard needs to stop and they need to say if they are human or walkers!

If it is f2p will you be grinding for Hina?

  • Yes
  • No

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If Hina is p2p, will you be spending to get her?

  • Yes
  • No

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More events like these for f2p but please chill on them roadmaps bruhs @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


If I could make sense of all the items I’d let you know lol


Go back to using energy on roadmaps #playersunited


So far she isnt f2p btw, if more roadmaps will come after pathways is done, if we get these items in events like level up and raids, etc idk but if that 1 roadmap is all we get to get sandwhichs, then no, she isnt f2p which would be strange cause she isnt a promo like toon, she would go well with yellow Shiva and make a cool bleed team tho but she isnt worth spending imo


When I saw her pop up I thought F2P toon but the roadmap structure reminds me of the faux valentines in May. F2P can complete the start and a bit of the next. But the end/majority is P2P.

I doubt the other items will drop as it’s only 2 weeks, but I’ll happily be proven wrong


I dig her.


Doesn’t look f2p. She’s pretty mediocre even as f2p. Missed the boat with this one.


How she can be a F2P if we will need to buy the itens to complete all the roadmaps (since I’m sure Scopes won’t give another ways to get the itens without spend)?? Is the same structure of Jackson pathway.
Also she looks pathetic as hell. Since Michelle and Charlie the F2P and mid spenders player base don’t get a powerful toon, what a shame.

Pete Anderson, Wayland and Tye for whales
Hina for mid spenders
Territory crash for F2P


She def is mediocre but i do like greens and she would make for a fun bleed team, she wouldnt replace any of my toons on any teams tho but she would do nice with a stun lucille next to shiva, if this is p2p tho this is crazy lol also doubt most f2p have the toons to do the roadmaps as i am sure we will have to use Hina and not a fac support for her roadmaps, im waiting fpr those 30-60 days of promises but this kinda shit is just like why :man_facepalming:

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Yea she’s interesting as an f2p toon but no chance as a P2P toon. I also feel like green rick is a better green lacerater.


This is exactly what we are united against btw @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

No info on the toon
No info on the event
A p2p event
A mediocre toon even if she was f2p
Roadmaps that most f2p cant do and something most whales wont spend on

When things like this continue to happen, it is very demoralizing, some of us really are giving you that time to fulfill those promises but you have to understand our frustrations and why we dont trust scopely.

Things like this should be given info on, the toon, the event, if it is f2p or p2p, etc. This is how you restore faith within the community.



Don’t sleep on hemorrhage. But, if she’s P2P, GTFO.


Oh i dont lol that with a lacerator can be a bleed monster, i have stun lucilles for her already. She is also hawt and i would like to try her on a team with Shiva and Charlie, maybe Abe lead and bleed some yellows but def no worth spending on, she might be a piper for me which sucks, i like having toons even if i dont use them lol

She is the worst 6 star I’ve seen but i will do whatever it takes to make her useful as impossible as that sounds.


They are not caring.
As usual.

The new toon is going to be a earn to buy I bet.

They have the opportunity to drop toons other than ones we have to buy.
We shouldn’t have to wait to the end of October for at least 3.
Think of this
In the time they responded back they dropped 3 toons


Thank god the 2 toons that she stuns for 2 turns and won’t be able to attack get -35% attack for those 2 turns.


I agree. I think it may be trying to account for stun resist.

come on, now. There are several that are worse. Yellow Negan? Aaron? Many others?

Aaron is useful in sr and negan can at least stall noobs but hina has the crown now :crown:.
She will be my profile pic and my sunshine


Didnt even think about this :rofl: uhhhh :roll_eyes: i saw the -35% and laughed but this is just sad now