Is hengyen still useful?

Exactly hengyen isnt bad and when teams get super tough maybe he can replace aarav. Right now I just havent found a use for him.

Yes. Since you got pete, priya, and princess. You should get henguyen so he can go with aarav if you ever want to make a melee n range or a full melee def/atk team.

Michelle aarav henguyen doc + command?

Maybe because he is a damage toon for atk teams???

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I’m about to ascend my first Heng yen! Can’t wait!

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I mean my in general, I never get attacked by teams with him either. But aarav and priya are both attacking toons and I’ve seen both on tons of defenses.

Yeah that’s the thing,Gen 2 shouldn’t be.

I run 2 of them


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