Is hengyen still useful?

If I get enough collectibles I’ll be able to get him but don’t know if he’s worth getting. I don’t see him often so l don’t know if he’s bugged like laopo/ guo/ princess.

I have Pete, priya, aarav and princess so if I don’t grab hengyen, is there a toon I should go after?


Henygen is a monster. He is the best rounded toon of all the gen 1 S class. I run him and he is a perfect anti Pete toon.


I like him!

I like the design of him but daiyu fits my team better

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Hes better than raulito, ill tell you that

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Lololololol ready for gen 2, keep surviving :grin:


Heng Yen is an absolute beast, he replaces a decap, stun and bleed with crosshairs, he is amazing and he double attacks a lot, if you are close to getting him, GET HIM! Seriously, he is bad ass


He’s an outstanding toon…

On attack he is extremely useful. Can one shot kill if lucky. Decap and crosshairs… stun… works magic on Pete and Prya

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I don’t think I want to stick around for gen 2 with Mercer being the 1st.

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Oh i am not looking foward to the Zach, Doc, Raven s class toons that will be coming. Mercer is gonna look like a joke

Yep have to make the FTP toon they gave everyone that made Doc worthless itself worthless. Can’t have them whales feeling slighted. If anyone thinks different just wait and see. Angel will have a promo counter very soon that I have no doubt about.

I think hengyen is still a very useful toon. Can go complete attack on his weapon with ap, keep double attack - upgrade to 5* and add crit specialist which gives him a critical hit 100% of the time to add crosshairs.

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He’s great

Hygiene is very important


Okay I’ll get him but I’m gonna go to your guy’s regions and report you if he doesn’t work out :pouting_woman:t2: Lol


Also with the right build and team he could AR turn one.

can you share your Daiyu team set up ? :smiley: #teamdaiyu

Personally i never got to use hengyen in any atk/def team in any war or other event. He seems an inferior option compared to the other s classes. For example, the popular defenses before were pete teams. Then new defenses with AP-quick aaravs and pryas came up. Then we see the mercers and princess defs. There wasnt a phase where hengyen was in the meta

So he just sits in roster. Not even used for territory teams lol. My advice is go for the other toons like arav or princess etc.

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Once I get raulito S-Class I am going for her to replace jaifeng once she is maxed

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He will be even more useful against the new tough shield.

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