Is harrison worth the 50 comics?

Or should I keep them and wait?

You have to ask yourself if the toon fits into your different teams. Since people will give just their personal opinion you cannot really depend on what they say. He may be good in the right setup but I don’t need him.


I would wait the items are more Vaule and it can only get better right???


Just save them until u get collectibles

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How she gonna beat jaafar with Harrison

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If you have good yellow and Blue toons, then go for it. His Leader Skill is good also his setup, if you have the 6* blue carl maybe you can skip him, otherwise you can grab him.


No he is not

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I’ll just save the comics then… thanks guys :yellow_heart:

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He’s trash

I’d prefer blue Carl over him, but only bc of his revive

One would think :joy::joy::joy::joy:. But they are heading in the wrong direction haha.


The only toons anyone should ever go for is s-class.

This is 7* era son. No measly 6* is worth any comic in this day and age.

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Doc is.


And Raven/Mia/Zach

Elusive+ huge heal and Ap down/Revives with huge maim+ AS revive/Ap down to all, maim to all + cleanse.


Um no don’t waste your comics on that trash toon

Of course you can name 6* toons that will last longer than others. But with the weekly 7* coming out, plus all of them collections… I would not invest any resource on 6*.

Happy birthday @LadyGeek

And op, Harrison is meh…

Cake day, not birthday :slight_smile: but thanks! Cake day is the anniversary of the day you join the forums.

Happy forum birth * :baby:

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