Is Garret going to be F2P?(Strong)


We all have a pretty close amount of candles to get the five star version at least. When are we going to get more candles?


If we get a crapload of :candle:️’s and :cake: 's then yes.


i claimed candles…and cakes in museum


It doesn’t reset the amount of candles and cakes you have in the leaderboard unless you transfer


They reset if you transfer. Of course, they shouldn’t. But who’s counting. :man_shrugging:


I’d say the 5* version will be free, Gonna take some $ to get him as a 6* tho, just keep hitting your milestones and doing the roadmaps


I can say that I transferred region and my candles and cakes count remained the same. There wasn’t any problem.

Didn’t lose any kind of progress or item with the transfer.


Same here still the same I think.


I checked mine this morning, after seeing complaints. I have same count in collection and on leaderboard. I transferred immediately when it opened last monday. So not sure why some are affected, but there are people who weren’t.


How many candles should everyone have right now, don’t think they’ve sold them…yet


Would like to know this also, I’m missing a lot due to transfers.


Anyone got the “Garret” toon screenshot? I cant seem to find it


he`s in the 3 year anniversary event post


He is not to good but not to bad either, thanks wolf


dont mention it, mate. Hes good enough for me, as he will be for every new player


He is absolutely F2P, I think it will be close on who gets the 6 star. Don’t feel like ascending him…,


from the looks of it, everyone who plays every roadmap and gets all the milestones for candles should get 8000, if that`s not the case then its another disappointment


Whats the difference between the three tiers?
T1 = 6* garret
T2 = 5* ascendable garret
T3= human shield garret.

Is tier 3 the red human shield one? Does anyone know?


Yeah and the others are the strong one.
Red one is still a decent toon for F2P but the strong garret is where its at


Lol the absolute worst shield, the four star shield is better then he is