Is Game Guardian still alive?


Game Guardian was fixed last autumn. We have faced this tool or something similar during the last CRW. Just look at the screenshots.

How can one person score 60 000 - 70 000 points within an hour match? This was realistic with first turn rush team, but this is just not possible with the introduction of six stars characters. The amount of time you need to beat the six stars team with special weapons is way longer than it was with five stars defense teams. As so, the scores in matches should have been lowered and 60 000 - 70 000 points is something not realistic nowadays.

The players on the screenshots scored more than all other players of their war teams.

Besides this, the people on the screenshots are the administrators of the Russian VK hack group and were banned several times on the other regions.

So what’s the point to play and spend money to win against such cheaters?
Can something be done about this? Hope that Game Guardian will finally be fixed and people from Russian hack groups will leave this game.

All of us deserve a fair play and be able to win in an equal rights gameplay.

Thank you in advance.


Wow this can’t be legit? Crazy scores.


Hmm didn’t cross my mind until coming across this. One of the things people could do with Game Guardian was speed up the game during combat right? And they could still have manual control while doing so? When someone brought up that 3x should apply to animations outside of auto as well (though maybe not brought up in the best manner) I thought it was something that made a lot of sense. Now I think it’s even more important. It would act as a decent way of stopping people from turning to GG. Though if I remember a video I once saw, game guardian can go much faster than 3x can.


HI Survivor,

Here is the video of the above mentioned hack group about game guardian:

As far as I know, this method of Game Guardian usage was fixed in the last autumn’s game update.

Myself and faction mates suppose that those hackers have found some workaround in 9.2 game update and can use the Game Guardian or similar tool again.

Such high scores can’t be explained otherwise.


Don’t forget that Scopely has used live teams in events before, so it could be them testing the game.


leader 40 attack + 36 critical shot
armory +30 attack
Mayor’s house +30 attack
good weapons.
3x acceleration.
3-5 sec - 1 raid.


One thing I cant stand about this game is this. multiples of the same character per atk/def teams.

Why can’t there be just one per team. I would be a much better game if they limited 1 character model per team. otherwise you have this bullshit to deal with.


I wonder why the author hides his nickname, does he have anything to worry about?


Game guardian is just one program you have different ones. That can be used. Vk is alive and well.


the wars have 59 minutes overturned, it is possible that they take those scores if you can not destroy them


5 T4 characters?

Seems legit



if he tops at the events when the nuts are and he does not exchange the toon perfectly he can have them


Scored 57k in a match this past war so 60k is easily doable. If they figured out a super easy combo comparable to t1 pattern dont see why 70k isn’t possible especially with that double whammy tower combo.

Triple alpha is super cheese but almost no one is going to have 3 of em and the perfect weapons to make it consistent enough. So if that’s his team that’s somewhat suspect along with 5 t4 of the same color and all perfect rolls on every weapon. But still not proof of hacks, just crazy money spent on every stash holding the t4 gear.


Lucky pulls veteran?


Gg in android and cheat engine in emulators like nox ,m.e.m.u and scopely never doing nothing


Seeing as 2 of my fac mates hit 1mill this crw…



Lol how does 1 mil in a weekend correlate to single war scores, granted I’m sure they score well otherwise you’d never make it there.


Its easy to hit that many points when your team is 7 bodies and you have a fast attack team


i dont see how this team is possible yet. i have 4 t4 maxed 6 stars but they are all 4 different colors due to gear. it’s never been offered enough other then rng that anyone could have soaked up enough to max 5 of the same color. seems doubtful but maybe they are even more super whale then I… there hasn’t even been a stash which offered up tough gear in large quantities that I can recall either. seen one for strong and one the gator one had lots of fast but no tough


The towers this war played into it a lot I think. Blue and the atk combined very Well vs all the Erika defenses out there.

Definitely small percentage of players can put up those pts regardless of their team behind em. Over time more cheese will develop just like t1 turned up more and more.