Is Food And Survivor Roadmap Worth Doing?

Does anyone do these and why?

Just do the survivor one for the final trainer reward.

Sometimes I run them just for drop rewards of the common gear. Other than that I tend to skip these ones.


yes, i run those all time once (hard, easy i never do), still enough energy to farm winter waistland too to get enough snowflakes for next collection

Is Burt worth using 42 energy for though? That’s about 300k food you’d be missing out on. Don’t forget the chance for 2* or a Lilith.

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i haven’t got any lillith drops ever on any world stages… so that change ain’t big deal what i miss…

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How much food you estimate you have? Over or below 100 million?

Food and xp.

food yes, that why i do that food map too, xp i don’t need more

But why do food map when world map gives more food? You’re also missing out on elite item tokens.

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i also want surviors, and gloves/shirts… those give those too with low energy. i don’t farm those just run once, last energy i use farming world maps

You get more survivors with the world map though. You could also farm the gear map for gear.

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i know, 7-1 is best and cheapest for surviors (gives also gloves and shirts), and i do gear maps too, but those ain’t up now… food and survior map was. point was for those