Is everyone still using stun, impair, and absolute defense

What’s everyone doing to their weapons.

Yeah, these weapons will not die off for a long time. So theres no waste in continuing to invest in them. But with christa, AP down and splash damage have become slightly more popular


Gators knife is pretty good and I put so down on some of my weapons

How to get splash for Christa

Ok its slayer

Lots of abs defence and impair this war I’ve seen

Every good player must have abs/stun/impair/ap down weapons on defence.
I personally have 2 ap down weapons; 3 stun guns; 4 abs meles and 3 impars guns. Still can’t jack their stats up tho/

I’d say attack with strong trait for christa if you have any weapon on her. That way she can blow up any color.

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99% of the time I craft failures and rest are successful failures. So basically 100% of the time I’m disassembling\resetting weapons for parts to craft failures.


You and me both! And on the off chance I do get a special stat to actually go crit (stun/AP↓or↑/abs/impair/splash) for some god damn reason None of the other stats will go crit.

Slayer 3

What I don’t understand is what happens if I just go straight to the special stat slot again. So I really need to reset first?

I was never very lucky with pulls. But i do have a damn good selection of weapons :ok_hand:

Working on this off trait blue

Finished Romanovs weapon

AP down guns for Christa and Piper

Gonna make an impair gun, dont get many hp or def blues

Ap down guns and impair are my favs, everyone runs stun resist

Unless you don’t mind wasting a upgrade slot then no you don’t.
I used to try over and over but always seemed to just get the same upgrade success fail (not the wanted outcome), so now I just reset or disassemble after the first try.

I have 5 def stun guns, 4 ap down attack guns, 4 stun katanas, 4 absolute defense knifes, 2 ap down defense oars, 1 double attack, 1 impair when attacking, 1 impair defense when being attacked, 1 impair crit when being attacked, 1 8% ap gain knife, will have another ap down gun and another impair gun. I really want gators knife and make ap down knifes.

You know the AP down mods work very well, u could of done stun or something else as an extra kinda wasted when you can do the same thing in mods

I also have AP drain mods with my AP down guns :grin:

Stun is great +8% ap is making a huge comeback as well

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