Is Europe richer than America Scopely?

Nice new action scopely. But dont show off with dollar prices and then make the Europeans pay more. $19.99 is €17.91 and not €21,99 so why do we have to pay € 4,08 more. I calculated for u guys. Thats $4,59 more than US players. Euro is more worth than dollar act like it. Shame on u.


Scopely set USD price. Apple or Google then sets the corresponding prices elsewhere around the world.

It’s amongst the few things which are genuinely not Scopely’s fault.


Use amazon instead and get even cheaper than that if you want to spend money


Dude don’t take me wrong but you are complaining for nothing. Just think about people from South America who pays 3-4x more thanks to a very undervalued currency from our contries.

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Certainly, we pay almost 3/4 times more, I am from Brazil and no price here is “adequate” all very expensive. $19.99 In dólar is 75,79 Brazilian real, But we're being charged 108.01 4x more.


It’s not surprising it’s not a straight exchange rate. There is a cost to converting currencies

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Sadly this is to do with apple and Android, they always set the exchange rates, and with the euro and the pound down against the dollar it isn’t good for us, best thing to do is get a cheap android tablet or whatever download the amazon App Store and buy stuff that was it’s so much cheaper

its alot cheaper through Amazon Screenshot_20190731-004702_Walking%20Dead

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Title yes Europe is the biggest economic market in the world

I thought China is?

lol…least of worries.who has biggest women

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No that’s countries America still 1 China 2

Europe here too but cheaper price. I won’t buy it even i if it was €5

Clearly the extra cost is shipping and handling.


Until no deal Brexit.

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European prices are usually a bit higher (roughly 20%, which seems to fit this case), and as far as I am aware the reason is VAT - American prices are often without tax, but in Europe you need to pay VAT.

We here in the US always hear from our media how much better and richer Europe is, so maybe that has increased the transfer rate?

Sure, bring logic into this. The EU peasants have voted in that system so they must now pay the VAT, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t complain about how unfair it is to be paying more than the US.

The USA has a higher GDP then all of the eu even before the UK (one of the biggest contributors) leaves. But more importantly holding dollars is better than holding euros. Most companies will have to convert foreign currencies to usd

Amazon on the other hand can probably hold and deal in any currency reserve which gives them the ability to do straight conversion rates