Is Eric worth buying on extreme sale?


Nothing I really want is in depot, and I’ve never had Eric.


I believe he is part of a museum collection, if you are close to completing it, then he may be worth it , otherwise no.


Yeah, I just checked and he is.
If I get him, I’ll only be missing that awful jesus.


He’s in Ascendance and the SR Depot. You really don’t want to buy him, trust me. 4* Eric is better and looks cooler


I don’t care about looks, and he’s not in the SR depot lol


After giving it some thought, I think I’ll just hold off.
May just wait for Wanderer.


Simple answer



Yes, if you then also buy a time machine and go back in time three years.

Otherwise, no


Yeah I just ended up buying wanderer


Thats the only reason I got him


If he finishes a museum collection, yes.


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