Is Eagle eye Andrea 6star. A joke?


I have ascended her in full shape
With everything max

All kind of mods include defence against fast
With weapon hit twice

What I see her defence of course weak as bean curd not much surprise

Yet her so called 800% atk is weak as hell
Like mosquito bites even with crit

So anyone feel the same?


Did you outfit her with defense set mods as well as a defense-boosting mod? Or did you just boost her attack? And are you fighting Erika teams? I wouldn’t face them even with Andrea.


Really depends who your hitting and what team your facing. Maybe the toon had a defense against tough mod. I will say I haven’t tried her out and my faction mates seem disappointed though.


post up a pic of your andrea. i wanna see what weapon and mods shes outfittted with.


I destroy almost every team faster than before with my Andrea as lead. Any reds go down like flies when she rushes. You need to adjust her mods/your strat/weapons/etc. She is fine.


You need to equip her with attack mods if you wanna she what she can actually do.


Andrea is just about as good as we can expect from a free to play toon. I am thoroughly enjoying using her. I only have her at t3 lv 10 without great mods and I am having success against all the Magna and Erika teams that I used to struggle against. She allows me to fire off Dwight T2 with Siddiq and everyone else including her on turn 3. The only red’s she does not kill with her ar are ones that have some really exceptional mods on them.

Zero complaints here.


i disagree. Her hawk eye is pretty good but you have to give account for mods, and other stats now.



What exactly is your plan here?

Mods should be used to build on a toons strength, not try to cover for their weaknesses. Maximize, don’t minimize.

Boost her attack and use her to destroy.

Weapon 35 atk, huge ap, 20% ap.

Decide what trait you want her to kill, and give her that trait atk against mod and boom dead.


You need def on Andrea not hp other wise she is softer than a tissue


Come on, dont be afraid of Erika teams


Watch there be several stun guns and even Magna. I’ll get dropped harder than the one time I went against a Lucas team with stun guns.


That mod setup is a mess. Try to get all attack or something.


Not to cover there weakness that made me laugh loud.
What mods allow is to strenght stats if used on attack/def but what it also allows is to cover the weakness which ends in new very inspiring combos/teams.


30 crit
35 Def
Absolute defense


You’re not OP, but your issue seems to be that even with mods, you ‘only’ have like 2,142 attack. Try emphasizing attack in your mods more and you may see things improve. Plus in your example, you’re attacking a yellow with probably a Carl lead so that doesn’t help.


How about you increase the atack?I was 10x weaker but then again.I managed to get a super blue killer.This Andrea ha such potential but you ain’t using it right


I disagree. There are characters that lie in a middle ground between offense and defense/support, even more so with leader skills. Sometimes, improving upon weaknesses is just as strong, if not stronger, than improving on their strengths.


panic: from what i seen you dont have a lot to work with, so that might be ok for now. is that weapon you have equipped to her stronger trait? i seen that weapon trait come up clutch a few times, however i would still try to opt for self ap (raider 3) or dbl atk (slayer 3) and huge ap. as for your mods, seems like she doesnt do enough damage cause your mods is all over the creation. if you want her to be the glass cannon she is meant to be (and im sure you do by the title of this thread), then you need to go with an all atk set. imo that would be the definitive way to run her; kill fast or die fast.