Is davie the first Animated toon?


Ik all toons and the toons with there own attached weapon like wyatt and aris have there own animations but davies arm sways heavily unlike any other toon and i love it it makes toons seem more unique then what they are but are there any other toons like him?


he looks cray cray. (is that PC ?) i’m sorry if it isn’t


Well Teresa move her feets it that counts?


i really like this davie… Best toon animation for me


His design is the best ever


He’s like having a crazy Hangover from Scotland Party, and suddenly walker appear and he crafting Crossbow with his Toolbox


I wanna say Chainsaw Alpha moves but im not sure (?) prob not.


The only thing that comes close to swaying as much as Davie’s arm is Sex Dungeon Tyreese’s crotch.

Anyone got that gif handy?


I believe all Legendary characters have very subtle movements. Davie may be the first with a significant, noticeble movement.


Rosie wags her tail as she wrecks people… That count ?


After Anniversarygate, I refuse to pull, and the same with most people on my server, so… guess I may not find out.


Or you could just pull up the shop and look…


It very well does :joy:


The posture and the animation look totally weird.

Someone over there needs anatomy lessons. Must have been the same dude who messed up axe Tyreese. :joy:


Idk I feel like it gives it more of a deranged feel to the character. You see a guy swinging a suitcase back and forth whilst dislocating his elbow. You’re gonna be worried :joy::joy::joy:


Lmao, 1 star Caleb has a unique movement, too. Whatever weapon he’s holding, be it a Legendary or a Common, shakes like crazy whenever he holds it. Guess that’s pretty unique.


Theresa bounces like a boxer, slightly. Every card has some movement, usually just a sway…

But if this is something that will show up in other card releases, static animation like that… I am sorry, that will be cool. I am jaded as a buddha statue, but I find that pretty cool nonetheless…


I just imagine him singing a creepy nursery rhyme to himself as he’s swinging that thing.




When’s bowling night for Davie?