Is crit damage the best modset for michonne?

i pulled the ascendable and im gonna try to have a modset ready for her when i ascend

If you can get some wicked crit chance mods on her, go for it! Most people I know give her tons of crit from mods and focus on upping her attack stat using the weapon. So, as long as you have a good crit chance mod, go for it!

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I think a lot of ppl go this route. If you plan on putting crit on her weapon which most do, then this is the best setup. I’ve tried attack set, and I didn’t like her as much. If you really want to unleash her power, go crit set with a crit damage mod.


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Happy to help.

Crit damage set mods are garbage




I have 3 disarms and I’ve tried all sorts of setups. In my case their main job is disarm. If you also need them to be one of your big hitters you may go a different route. But i have found crit set, crit chance, attack, and crit damage or ap drain have worked best in getting the job done.

Totally agree. I run disarm to disarm, and that needs crit. So give them a mod set that adds mad damage when they crit. It’s a no-brainer imo

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Theres so few people that need my insane amoint of crit sets i am happy to use it on my disarms. Saves the attack sets for the damage dealers since they are in shorter supply since mod boxes are obviously weighted to give trash before treasure

what she needs is crit chances not crit damage. so the set can be attack defense and that wont matter.

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Crit sets aren’t usually great, but in cases of multi-attack rushes and Crit based specialists, they’re fantastic.



atk set w/
Crit chance
Atk against (your choice)
Resist stun
Crit dmg

I have not found Crit dmg set to outscale atk set.

Atk stats get magnified by other factors (trait advantage, Crit, trait against). Crit dmg build still relies on shitty rng.


Exactly this.

I have 2 michonnes set up both ways and when they both crit, the crit set does about 400 more damage. Now if the crit set doesn’t crit, the damage isn’t impressive. But, she crits almost every time.

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This!! Agree 100%

if this was the case we’d be all running carl and 4 zekes def, she crits often enough for you to notice but there’s no guarantee here

Wouldnt say garbage. Ive tested vs normal damage mods.But for Michonne I would go with an attack set.They need to add a crit damage buff to some character to put it on par with attack damage.

Why would you run 4 zekes? That’s makes no sense what you’re saying.

I use crit mod set with double hit weapon and it works pretty well.