Is buying 10 of the token boxes with walker tokens in them or 10 pull better

thx to all who offer opinions

My opinion? Walker tokens.

Why? You know what the potential toons you can obtain are so you can decide if you want to try. Also, better odds than the premiere wheel…

Downsides are that there are usually only a couple toons worth having in these wheels and they absolutely will be five stars if you get one.

not to bad off the 14 dollar offer


$14 21 pulls this was first 10 that came out

i did buy 10 crates and pulled 1 green dale, and 1 revive axel.
it was ok i guess

Pulled Jeremiah from walker tokens, rest 4s,

thats not good because hes free now

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Try looking add the odds displayed when pressing ‘?’

Just like everything else. It’s rng… I’m up to 78 walker pulls with no ascendable to show. Really all the same odds. If you prefer one of the toons in the walker wheel, like sandy or violet, go for it.

Save your money. 2 Winter token draws? Christmas Zeke and a dupe Clem card. Walker tokens? All 4* trash, and a pittance of 5* non ascendable fodder.

My “free” daily pull for being one of the mentally I’ll who are in SC? 38 4*, 1 non ascendable Akimbo Sandy.

The odds suck, save your money. Invest in oil futures…

yeah i know its stupid to spend like i do but i need new characters

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