Is buff stacking bug back?

Also tier 4 cat only doing 500 dmg with no -atk on toon with %60 buff.

This poped up after 9.2 hes max is only 200 from hes skill before the ar even then it does not stack.

Well fuck…i already have mine ascended but now I’ll feel scummy using him if this is true.

I’ve noticed this as well while doing SR. The zombie stages that cause bleeding (-70 bleeding per turn), somehow went up to -140 when hitting two different zombies with that trait.

also %60 def is like 200% tier 4 cat will not do 500 dmg on a green. with %60 would be low 1000s

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Pretty sure bleed stacking is normal. I’ve always had that happen to me against SR bleed walkers.


Agreed on the bleed I’ve always noticed it

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Bleed has been stackable for a while…unless your saying you went from 70 to 210 in two hits

Indomitable always stacked. What we’ve changed (and it is on the patch notes) is to show the real boost/penalty. Our system works in aggregation, not summing.
30%x30% = 69%, not 60%.

We noticed the values UI was presenting were misleading, so we changed to show the real boost/penalty.


Awesome ty for the explanation

Ya, as per the patch notes:

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its not like 400def is not bs…