Is Bryan Worth extra £20?


I got Rosa.

But have enough for Princess as a 2nd.

But not Bryan unless I buy the offer.

Is he worth the extra money?

I have Eugene and Wyatt.
I have Red Gov, Jesus and Louis…but felt I was missing some red firepower…greens seem to be the best defends going right now. I have no red Madison so im struggling alittle.


I don’t see any way for princess to fit in a my melee and Bryan has an atk stat that is high af before mods or lead skill or weapons. If ur in need of a hard hitting red than yes. Depends on your roster and needs in would say.

Red gov and Jesus both hit hard if i do believe, I’m not a huge wyatt fan. Princess could possibly replace him


Idk I would use him Vs Green and most green are easy af might be super useful vs that new Gabriel tho.


Thanks. I didn’t get the big offer but did some of the food token ones.
I’ll get Bryan.

I do really like Princess’s design but with Wyatt, Eugene, Kal…I don’t need green taunt tanks.


I’m 500 short for Bryan and of course in typical $¢opely fashion they pull the road maps :angry::angry:


I am in the same situation as you. I think bryan is a great character, but until scopely rights some of their wrongs this wallet is closed. I guess I am getting princess.


i grabbed bryan personally, didnt spend on a 2nd toon. from testing bryan with mods only he makes vs carl teams a shitload easier. collateral 2 is very nice for dropping pesky guardian shields. everyone sees him as a rush charger but i find vs carls that guardian seems to be the biggest holdup as far as killing with speed and we all know war is about speed.

dont get me wrong i am a princess fan all the way around, but bryan is that good


I am 500 peas n carrots short of bryan and the only way to get those is a 34.99 usd package that will leave me with tons of extras. So no matter what I will be getting princess. I do have a couple really hard hitting reds so I dont think I will miss him to much. I really like his weapon though…


The Andrea fuc- I mean “hiccup” made me put the game down for a while. I missed a bunch of the maps.

Oh well. Game is not worth spending on. Not even a dollar.

It just stays broken no matter how much we pay and ask things to be fixed.


Lovin bryan so far.


Have yet to ascend Bryan yet due to lack of fodder but hearing a lot of positive things about him.


Nice! What about his mods and weapon?


Same boat here. Also goes for the lack of gear

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