Is Blue Magna still good?

After all this time I finally pulled her, somehow. She still good?

If you can craft one of those new impair/elusive special and tank her as much as possible. Then maybe only slightly.


Meh 7 chars


[ETA] On attack. Almost everyone is weak to impair, and I’ve seen here eat defense Christa rushes and keep going. Gives me some defends as well, but obviously not against stronger players,


On attack is the only place for shields currently with no s class shields out yet but even then it’s almost a waste of a slot

Really just depends on how competitive your play is I imagine there are still less active players that don’t have a few s classes that still get tripped up on shields

Depends. I run her on these teams and she does fine

Same with @DrJank. She’s awesome on attack! tank her up, equip an impair gun and you’re set. When I ran her, she would impair almost all of the time. Still does tbh.

I’d still use her but my current main attack team is red/green so I’m using ajax instead.


she’s shitty

I run her on one of my attack teams - if you can craft the impair + elusive weapon for her it can work quite well. People usually don’t mod against impair either - usually stun, taunt, sometimes bleed or maim.

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well if u clearly have toons like those you can put up taunt and confuse resist mods and some def/hp mods…give her an impair weapon. Will be enough to buy ur toons some time to rush.

Impair on def or even the new impair/elusive is highly useful. That being said she’s really only meta relevant as an attacking shield. I run her on def because I’m a cheapskate :sweat_smile: and I don’t have many S class toons. I opted to get Priya first instead of Pete. Luckily I have no trouble ripping through defense teams.

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