Is Blue Andrea Any Good against Reds?

I been having her for quite a while but never thought of ascending her can i get some insight of those that have Andrea or if she’s any good ?


She is only good on a attack team dont try throwing her on defense, but yeah I use her to kill erikas lol


I never use her because I’ve been shorted of gear since shes been available. But I want to use her as my new attack team lead replacing mirabelle. Behind her would be dwight, aiko, siddiq, jerimiah or any other supporting toon.


Huge AP bonus is very useful on attack. Most toons can rush round 3 with it (or 2 with a command) and, considering it is difficult to get a defence team rushing round 2 in the current meta, you can start the killing before you’re being killed*

*or, more accurately in the current meta, before the revive and heal and revive and heal and revive loop begins


Player F2P

Pretty girl, not bad


Andrea is fantastic as an attacking ranged leader. She gets ranged toons around her to pop faster and that is always a good thing. Plus she hits pretty hard herself and can usually one-shot most Erikas. I also like her active for when your close to popping and don’t want to chance to get stunned or impaired.

Andrea is 100% worth ascending.


I haven’t had much success with her as Leader.
She makes everyone so squishy…
I went back to Spencer.

Great attacking lead. I run her, Dwight, Ty, Jessie / Garret & Sid.

Ty rushes round 2 with a 20% ap weapon, awesome against Erika teams. Recently just switched Garret for Jessie for remove stun & impair :blush:

Andrea is fabulous against reds and has a very good leader skill for attacking reds

Using one Andrea at tier 2 she is smoking those double Erika and even some of the Triple Erika team with that 800% damage AR. Ty for the decap and finish her muwhahahaha

Thank for the feed back I appreciate it

Yep She god dam amazing go full attack glass cannon with 40% weapons and then to make extra spicy 50-80% tough towers during war 1shot alerts and strong toons

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Gotta say that team would look incredible.

Also Andrea looks really good. Even though she doesn’t have decap but that doesn’t matter.

F2P here also now for about two years. I plan to build that exact team.

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f2p here too. This is an excellent team to take down almost any ranged team… Blue andrea is a very good leader

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