Is Blitz War Back Today?


As the 9.3 issue is now resolved & everyone has access to it, will you be running the 2 x Blitz Wars that were originally scheduled for this week?



They won’t answer because that wasn’t the reason, if they have released it on ios we should be able to war but Apple blocked all updates in ios for any game that had loot boxes untill the odds were released, they are trying to deny it but it’s looking more and more like that is the reason.


Oh wow, is 9.3 still not out for iOS?

I assumed because I had the update on android that it would be out for everyone. If this isn’t out for iOS then I would guess that displaying odds is 100% the reason.


9.3 is out for iOS. Still no loot box odds, so that was no the reason for the delay.


I use ios and an update is already available as of yesterday.



No, more level up


In that case there is no reason so here’s hoping. Would love to war since we couldn’t at the weekend. Thanks for letting me know.


Where are you getting that from? It’s not on the event schedule and VK doesn’t have any info yet about the next event.


Since we’ve got infinite level up tournaments, it will be level up. Why? It just works like that.


The update isn’t necessarily the reason war was canceled. It was an issue with the update for war. Apparently when a non-Pixel player joined war with a Pixel player the game crashed or something like that. If that issue hasn’t been fixed then we won’t have war.


I love how we cant even get a simple answer to anything here.



Come on, gotta admit it’s funny when Eugene can get more replies on a busted radio in a post apocalypse world than we can by simply tagging the manager of this community on their new 21st century message board designed specifically for communication.


Yup thought that after the announcement of the update yesterday


I bet they are still checking all the bugs after the update and will make a gametime decision later today. Also need to see what % have downloaded the update. They need to make sure that no one has a competitive advantage.


You give them way to much credit.

They are eating pancakes.


Wars are really the only reason why I play this anymore and you have taken that away from us


I have iOS and got the update yesterday


Can’t you just update/download it via the app store for now? Do Amazon even have their own updates?

I use Amazon for cheap coins myself, but just have the game installed twice on my phone, one from Amazon & one from App store.


Actually, I’ve just tried to open the old game via amazon link.

Damn man.