Is barker underrated?!?!?!

I see my fx is obsessed with marib00bs

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No barker pretty much stinks. Only reason to make him a leader is you lack Carl for melee.


i would think so. if you have multiple barkers and just stack that bleed. gg in no time.

He is nice in melee attack team. Rush turn 3 and the -20 ap can save u an opponents rush

For raids he’s pretty bad, for pve content I pair him with zeke for shield city…

I’m also dedicating his weapon to cries

I’ve never encountered a barker lead team that’s given me a problem. Pretty sure he’s useless on defence. Paired with Zeke though, in other game modes he’s quite nice.

Barker lead = auto attack. in current meta in defense you need a toon that is able to provide hp+def.

Useful on SR and nothing else.

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You could say that about so many toons at the moment, there was an event a year or so ago that was trait specific i think, maps for citizens, rebels etc. A revamp of that could let us test our teams a bit more and use all these toons we’re collecting.

I’m still considering getting Lucas, but I would probably only use him in SR until I pick up another couple Red 6*'s to make full use against all these Carl teams

you dont see barker on defense because hes not a defense oriented card. you can beast out with him in an atk setup and other avenues of the game and hell be worth. save the defense setup for defensive cards :smirk:.

Barker is my prize child i will always keep him on my team

He’s one of the coolest looking characters imo. Not cool enough to use in raid, but cool enough to level up and PvE.

He’s good in Sr

You jeed a pair of barkers for barker to work
Other than that meh

Hes actually pretty good in raids with his ar reduction and 300 bleed along with some other characters im using i can hold off an enemy team from rushing

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