Is Automation Cheating?


Rather than launch into a series of accusations and witch hunts, I’d like to have this point discussed and clarified.

Automation. The use of programs, scripts, or macros to do tasks in a game repeatedly, usually faster than a human can, and effectively indefinitely. Is this considered cheating?

I would think so, personally, but I’ve also read in the forums that some find this debatable. At the very least, it’s making the players who don’t use it unable to compete in events like Survival Road. I say this because it’s happening in my region now. There are at least 2 players in my region who I know have admitted to using automation, one of which is winning the current Survival Road Tournament, and is also the top ranked player in SR in general.

If it’s not cheating, and humans can’t compete, should we all start automating? If it is cheating, what can we do to prevent it? The cheat report email, while comforting, implies the support team, which has a track record of misunderstanding the requests and information given to them by players, is handling the investigations.

I’ve seen the Scopely team take action, though. Reversing the cheated weapons was one such action. Before that, I reported an animation bug in the beta group that Redheadwalker passed onto the animators and had fixed pretty quickly. I even saw a Dev from the beta group personally restore an account that had been lost to a player who was at her wits end trying to get help from the support team emails. I know you guys are looking out for us. I’ve seen it.

So again, is automation cheating, and if so, what can we do to really help the situation?



It’s a bit of a touchy subject. If it’s used for farming and doesn’t give you an advantage over somebody else then I don’t see an issue, but winning a tournament because of it? Shouldn’t be allowed. I used a macro for the gun collection, I wasn’t prepared to farm for 60hrs manually sorry.

They can just about ban hackers using S9++ teams and putting up insane level up scores. They’ll have no chance detecting a simple macro.



Good point.

If they do have tracking tools, they probably wouldn’t want to tell us in a public forum. This would inform the users of the automation and possibly tell them how to avoid being tracked, if they can be.



Are they using automation to win a fight that would be a loss otherwise? Like doing SR with a team that should have not won.



Ehh I had the spare time, just didn’t want to get RSI. 4 crates and no stun gun in sight. 20 hrs a week that road map was up, borderline insanity if you tried to do it legitimately. Practically asking people to use a macro.



I don’t know. It’s hard to say without having the access to the information only the player themself or the developers have.

My assumption is it would have been a win, but like Coldsoul said, those who don’t use it are at a disadvantage.

I had to sleep, then get ready for work, then drive around this morning, during which I could not play SR. The macros don’t need to take breaks humans do.



I was able to use it to replenish my survivors and gear, which had been strained by multiple consecutive level up tournaments.

I wasn’t able to get even one of the crates.

Still, I didn’t come away with nothing. That’s important to remember.



I seen people post pictures of low level accounts win SR in like 10 minutes, I do not know if the person got ban but my guess is he most be gone.



I would be of the opinion that it’s 100% cheating. Use of any automation would be not in the spirit of playing the game and would be an unfair advantage even if used for farming, especially in circumstances such as the zero energy roadmaps. Like anything else such as the armory glitch, VK purchases and other exploits, if Scopely would have instituted an immediate account reset punishment for those guilty of doing so (and if they say they have no ability to detect these things I call BS) it would have stopped cheating dead in it’s tracks. People would have been very reluctant to risk a hard worked account that could be reset at any moment.



Idk if you are using a tool that mimics human input for convenience who cares. It’s not limited to a select few just as signing on to use all your energy is not limited to a select few. The tool is performing a task that is not outside the intent of the game design. And using it to watch videos only brings money, presumably (or they have a bad advertising agreement in place).

Now the only real instance we have were this creates a divide was the 0 energy road map. But that being said it limited to 4 pulls max for item collection. I wouldn’t care less if someone pulled all 4 and amassed 10k survivors. All things considered, it’s the least of my problems and bravo if anyone did that.

Side note - I’d be interested in what apps do this well. I don’t know what exists for a Samsung s8 android phone but I perform many tasks outside this game that could be replicated with macros that would add convenience to my life. Feel free to pm me. I would prefer to not root my phone and it seems most require this to enabling click screen control.



It’s a 3rd party program that gives the user an advantage over someone else who isn’t using the program. I’m not sure why this is a debate as it is definitely cheating.

Supercell and their Clash of Clans game also has issues with botting and they see it as cheating.

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There is no debate, this program puts the other players in a disadvantage.

Also kalishane said that it wasnt allowed

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In-game support is proven to be wrong on many things, plus the fact that they’re not even part of Scopely or IUGO.

You can frame it however you like and use as many questionable sources as you like, but it doesn’t change the spirit of what cheating is; which is to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

If you said that bots were available to everyone, then I would more agree with you.



Now i undertand your point but in this case the question should be: its automation allowed from scopely? Or its automation considered cheating from scopely? Cause cheating definitely it is.

Anyway as they have told you support are really clueless about what happens in the game and kalishane already said we shouldnt but yeah i think we could use a more definitive answer about this



Their views have been stated, more or less, it seems. Now all that’s needed is action. I’ve seen them take action before, as previously stated. I can only hope they’ll do so again in this case, for the sake of my region.



I am one of those that did try to farm manually.

And while those that use an automation macro ended up having 4 additional weapons in their inventory, here I am sitting with 12,500 pieces at 0 for 4 attempts.

That, in itself, is clearly an unfair disadvantage. Then again, the fact that the app game design itself is heavily based on “Scopely chances” (undefined RNG) already points to everything being unfair per se. Lifetime value (LV) for the win!



The problem with the red pieces event was the amount needed. We had three roadmaps that lasted 20hrs or so each. It took me on average 14 hrs per pull, that’s dedicating an entire working day just to do it. Unless you’re mental then it wouldn’t be possible without automation.



Cheating plain and simple. Sometimes people just don’t have time to farm or have time to get on the game. Im sure thats happened to everyone at some point or another. People using automation just because they don’t want to take the time or simply dont have the time, are still receiving items that will help them in future events. Whether it’s survivors, shirts other low level gear that can be sold for food, etc. Stop being lazy and just do it yourself, i do understand the urge, farming does get very tedious. i still take the few seconds it takes to hit replay and autoplay instead of an autoclicker.