Is Assault Farming Cheating?



Another question for another potential grey area, which is currently happening in my region.

The Thanksgiving gift of assault tickets to every faction was a welcome and appreciated one. It let us all give it a try and test out the newest addition to the game.

However, in larger regions, several factions with inactive players exist. These factions also received these tickets. And now, in my region, a group of players is going from dead faction to dead faction, sitting still until they’re made leader automatically, then inviting their mates to farm the assault markers.

This seems dishonest. They weren’t entitled to multiple gifts, but they’re benefiting from them all the same.

Is this cheating? If so, what can be done about it?


That’s honestly brilliant


You don’t consider it dishonest?


Based on what? That assumption seems to be based on personal bias rather than an actual rule


If another faction wants to dismantle itself to sit in other factions in hopes of getting made leader eventually, that’s their business. I really don’t think it’s a good idea, especially with war on the way, but that’s just me


How is someone made leader automatically?


They aren’t


I say let it happen considering how much scopes keeps disappointing us, might as well use it to get the gear you need that they haven’t made a map for yet. :+1:


Unless I’m misunderstanding, the point of assaults was to be active and gather the tickets through activity, not to capitalize on other factions inactivity.

This seems to defeat the purpose of assaults


Free tickets only happened like twice and when assault does happen, they are working towards winning by actively participating. It’s not just a free ride. Would you consider going from faction to faction to use drop lead to farm dishonest? it’s definitely not cheating, they didn’t manipulate anything, or exploited anything, just making use of unused tickets.


That’s one of the few points, but at the same time, nowhere is it illegal or a bannable offense to swap factions or use their tickets either. It ends up being a personal bias on whether or not what they’re doing is dishonest/cheating.


Fair point, hence the ambiguity and desire for clarification. If this is considered fine by the devs, or the community manager, seems like it would be something everyone should be trying.

On the other hand, if it’s not fine and is considered cheating, and if the devs intend to punish players attempting this, it’s something to be avoided.

I’m noticing the community seems less against this than the idea of autofarming, at least so far.


you can become the leader of an inactive faction but i think it takes a while.

went to an old region i had an account in once and discovered that i had become leader since no one else was active, and i guess i was the most recently active, not 100% sure how it works.


I believe there is a hard limit to days a leader can be inactive then it passes along. Back in year 1 this was discussed.


This is genius.


It’s an exploit of a design flaw. The whole faction and membership management has been a problem since the start.

The annoyance of leaving a faction and then re-joining alone is too much for me to bother with. yet some players used to farm 40 regions for coins. Going into 2 regions for me is a burden and I get bored and stopped doing 2 regions last year.

I still know people who play like 15 regions, insanity.


Hi Pablo!

We will make sure this isn’t possible in the future.

Thank you for letting us know – and also to those of you that PMd me.

Faction assault ticket farming

Thank you for the timely response!

Do you have any word on if action will be taken against those currently exploiting this?


As others have stated, this is a loophole ATM so there isn’t anything anyone can do about it until it gets patched.


Hardly cheating.

Merely abusing the system.
Not like it’s never been done.