Is Aris any good?


I got another one of her (I’ve gotten 2 of her from y3 tokens) is she any good or just trash?


Eh, depends on the rest of the team you put her on.


I think she’s pretty good with rick as a lead on an attack team but she’s not so hot on a defense team


She’s decent in all fairness depending on who’s behind her tho, she’s a pain if you leave her till last


If you can get absolute defense on her, she can be a major pain in the ass, especially if you leave her for last.



I have her and about to put her into rotation. Whats the best mod type to put on her. Def or crit?


Hp set in my opinion because she gives herself bonus hp. E.g. if she has an extra 1k hps from mods (say 500 from stat mod and 500 from set bonus), when her rush goes off she will gain an extra 500 hit points in bonus hp.


Kinda total trash, even when hit in last and with her bonuses, shes useless


Unfortunately no set bonus but most everyone whose faced me (mostly friendly duels) says she’s a pain


I fought her on def… she can be a real pain. Thats why I am excited to use her. On offence she will be useful against all these shield rev teams. The stun along with romanov taunt will go along way. Most toons have a use on the right team.


Don’t forget her active skill taunts 3 as well.


she’s certainly persistent.


Did you put AD on her weapond or keep it as it and added def and ap when attacking?


All I did was up the HP on it, otherwise its exactly as default.


She’s not trash. I’ve went against Carl, zeke, Glenn, aris and Dante teams that are really tough. Of course a whale is gonna think she’s trash when they have Lydia, jesus, koa, princess, yellow ty, violet and yellow Glenn to choose from for their def team.


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