Is aow a thing of the past

Will AOW ever return???

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Hopefully. Pick blitzes and decent token amounts from it’s corpse and leave lol


Agree CRW has garbage rewards compared too aow as I would get 3,000 recruit token or 100 war tokens last aow we got 400. Also I is repetitive and boring versing the top 20s every time


AOW is not a profit generator for shamplay. CRW forces the spenders to spend to be pixel champs.


AOW bad… blitz good.


I do wholeheartedly prefer CRW. AOW is just the same faction over and over. But I could manage it for 24 hours 6v6. CRW is much ‘funner’, in theory lol. Just needs better rewards


Sadly, probably not. I think the complete monetization and slot machining of the game has driven away a lot of players, necessitating CRW in order to have enough players.

aow is very boring to me and my faction group


If I was scopely, I would run a surprise aow (not full 8v8 not blitz) so people could gauge just how dead their regions really are after transfers. That would be the best way to encourage the last of the exodus from wave 3 regions. Watch that search button count down 18 hours before your war is automatically cancelled.

So in short, they’ll probably never run either aow or blitz ever again.

CRW is another way of milking

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