Is Anyone Getting Ascendanbles From 5* Tokens?

I’ve done 25+ pulls and still haven’t gotten one. After the Mia fiasco I wouldn’t be surprised if the odds were messed up.


Im at 87 and only 2 5*

depends on your bucket


I noticed this as well. I haven’t received any in 20 pulls. Not a large enough sample size but when I dropped 2M when it was first updated a was definitely averaging 1 per 20.


Got Marlon and Rosie yesterday

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Ajax, Denise and Marlon with Rosie
I’m f2p i swear D:


Yes - I did a 7 pull, when the Halloween event dropped, I got Princess and Elodie, I am not sure what I did right? :man_shrugging:


I just got them yesterday too. We’re in the same bucket lol!

30 pulla and nothing, just 5*. Before that 30 pull I got Elodie but it’s a benchwarmer…

Nice! Bucket gang!

I pullepulled this rick on my 15th pull.

But its from today’s elite characters pull. Not 5* tokens. Sorry.

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Haven’t pulled a single one and mostly pulling dupes on 5*s. S ton of yellow Dwights and armour shivas

Yes I did. When they updated the wheels I pulled Ajax and last weekend I pulled Glenn. But the rest of the countless pulls is just fodder.

Just got him from the tokens I got from hordes got garbage from the day of the dead pulls


150 + pulls and only got 2x Morgan

When the wheel first updated I had a lot of tokens saved and averaged out around 1 ascendable per 10 pull.

Just recently did 40 pulls over 4 different regions (to get that silly event mission done) and only pulled one ascendable. Just unlucky I guess.

No ascendables here since wheel update

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Got marlon today. Will prob never get morgan the one i want