Is anyone even ATTEMPTING the butter thing?

I can’t even guess how many hundreds of dollars it would take to get S-class Pete using butter and blue keys…

For their $100 offer, you only get enough butter to do half of a flash roadmap…so…you’ll probably need to START with $200…with that you will win 10 crates of keys…I guess that there must be some loophole that says if you are not BUYING crates…if they are just a “free” reward, that they don’t have to post the odds…but you are definitely not going to be getting the 1,000 blue keys…so total guess on how many keys you get with 10 crates…I’ll guess 500…and I’m probably overestimating…

So…that means you’d have to run that flash roadmap 22 times at $200 per to get the 11,000 keys? So…$4,400!!!

I mean…that can’t be, can it? Ok…well…you stand a 50% chance of getting 250 more butter in the $100 offer…(or 250 keys)…AND you are getting a ton of coins with that offer and if you use those for pulls you get the “bonus butter” every 10 pulls…also with no odds…so you probably will get 400 butter for every 40 pull

Man…scopely…first of all…could you MAKE this more confusing? And more unknown? And even if you were to manage to get enough butter to run the flash roadmap 15 times…if that were even enough…will the flash roadmap even show up 15 times??

With all the bonus butter and whatnot…I’m still going to guess that this will cost at LEAST $1,000 to get Pete this way…

Ok scopes…I am not a free player but there are definitely a LOT of us out here playing that would never in a million years pay even $100 for any one toon…$100 is a lot of money…maybe there are a bunch of oil barons and hedge fund managers playing this game that have a spare $1,000 to throw away on a cartoon…I guess you’d know this better than I would…but offering a toon that will cost this much money with unposted odds is NOT the way to make your player base feel better and start spending money again


No I will not


Odds are posted,if you work them out it’s around 0.06% chance at getting ascended Jessie about as close to paying for breathable air as you can get.
great way to celebrate an anniversary by putting up what must be the lowest odds ever in a premium wheel…

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Nope, ok then nope again

Hell no! I want no part of their cash crab.

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There are obviously enough players doing this enough for Scopely to keep rolling these events out.

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There are like 2-3 doing it in my faction but it isn’t a top priority for anyone.


If ppl are doing this, those folks may need to consider rehab.


Just claimed s Pete and two legend Jessie’s

Nope, I am not doing this event.

Did a 10 pull twice and got 6* clem and ran roadmap. Got 1200 keys

I feel like anyone spending $4400 for, not even a video game, but a single toon/item in a game really needs to reevaluate their life priorities.


Oh hellz no

Save some for S-class Priya lol :joy:
She’s gonna pinch those Jessies and Petes buttocks, Metaphorically speaking!

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