Is anyone else still locked out

Hey is anyone still locked out of game. I am starting to get really worried about my account.
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

no i am not but i never had a problem with this i hope you have a fix soon if there was no funny business

from what ive seen and heard everyone who was locked out on IOS is still locked out, android users should be fixed now, hoping for an IOS update tomorrow because I’m still locked out too

Someone troll fl@gged the troll :rofl:

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@Arro We have release a fix for the Android Users that has crashing issue. We will keep you updated on the release of a build for the impacted users on iOS and Amazon but this should happen this week.


Will there be any compensation for missed survivor’s club pulls, tournament rewards, Piper roadmap collectables etc.?

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Compensation will be three smelling salts and a “Keep on surviving!”

Hey everyone,

For the time being, please relay all questions related to compensation to

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I logged in on android last night switched to main region then logged in on iOS and all is well- must switch to main on android

Scared to say no compensation? Lol I’ve been locked out since February after renewing my subscription and monthly coin pass rendering my teams obsolete I am 100% certain I will get nothing

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