Is anyone else really bored?

All the tourneys with this game lately have had terrible prizes and no competition. Cant remember the last time i enjoyed myself. Am i the only one feeling this way? Am i being dramatic? or has the effort scopely has put into this game gotten remarkably worst


Level up milestones are better with league markers, but other than that the rewards suck a lot more


Getting stale with the events/rewards and with team building, if you can’t make a revive shield combo there’s not much point to try any other toons in your team


Game has been boring as fk for a long time let’s be honest. But it’s a mobile game so it was bound to happen


I stayed for 8 months playing alone for being discouraged by the game, and the events did not lack me, then some friends called me to a top 1 faction, I decided to accept and after 6 months playing and doing my best without spending a penny on that game, my account has not evolved into absolutely nothing, now here I am again alone for almost 3 months, slowly stopping almost.

The game is very dead, events with meaningless prizes, old 5 * turning into mediocre 6 *, level up behind level up, you spend a whole weekend dedicated to glorious and divine war and takes a character rubbish in these tokens, to a member of your faction that has just been in the last 4 hours to get the best of it.

Bugs everywhere, which is only solved when it weighs in the pocket.

I should have already spent 80k of coins of videos in those 6 months trying to take the character from the promo, and I did not take 1 character at all, glad that they were not coins bought.

Why am I going to keep wasting my time on this? Even if I had a super decent roster, I do not see where I can use them, war is the only place where you see all the effort you’ve made in your account and you have no more prizes.

Give 500 $ in each promo that appears is insane, and there are still people who can not get what they wanted.

It’s sad to be losing interest in the game, it’s a really cool game, but super poorly managed.

The way is to keep on surviving or something like that, but I’m already tired.


What’s killing it for me is territories, armory, back to back to back tournaments which the same faction or people win over and over, sr tournaments, AOW is baf. Everything is lame in this game and if you want something new, you have to pay. Or wait two months for a free revive that was already outdated when the released her but we ya e to wait two months or buy the materials to acquire her.

Before I forget the most lame event of all onslaught.

Game is not worth playing anymore unless they lighten up on the tournaments and give factions things to do as a faction in the games PvE world stages to acquire things we need cough gear cough.

But that won’t make money like all these lame rinse and repeat tournaments.

Good Job you wonderful company. Keep feeding us with even more boring things please. I like opening the game to just turn it back off.


Bro I was literally just thinking about how boring this game has become


feeling the same. Lots of players I know are just going on cruise control because the events and rewards are subpar and the new wheel is mostly disappointing. sigh


i am bored so bored but is about this game, now i play “The last day on earth” and i waste my time happy


For some, there’s no way to progress further in this game and that includes spenders because of the low odds on these wheels. When 4 forty pulls doesn’t yield a single usable character, the game is broken.


Fire emblem heroes has updated their game and have a new legendary hero and once you complete the part one of the latest update. You get the legendary hero from the new banner.

Nintendo has it down but they have been around since the 1980’s

I’m always bored…it is cause I am old and jaded though…

Humor gets me through most of the time!


I’m old as well, but rarely bored. There’s way too much to do and way too many interesting people to talk to. I get frustrated when I’m forced to do things I find uninteresting, but bored? Nah.


Interesting…wish I was you then…but no.



I don’t expect this thread to survive. Lol. But I feel just like the posters above.

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Bored of the game? Well yea thats why im on these forums


Same as everyone else. Last year was fun but I’ve been bored most of this year and have decided to finally call it quits at the end of the month. Just logging in to collect snowballs in case I want to come back later.


Ha! Pretty much exactly what I’m doing too.

Been boring as hell for ages.

Just picked Red Dead 2 up, installing as I type. Looks like boredom is over :grimacing: Xmas shopping finished so present to myself :blush:


I 100% agree, the game has become over-saturated with copy and paste events with terrible end rank rewards and slightly getting better each time then 2 steps back milestones

ive even contemplated dropping to a mid tier faction during CRW just so i can get longer battles to reach 200k milestones and not worry about end rank for tokens that will give me a duplicate bad toon.

wheres the logic