Is anyone else having this problem?!?!?!?

Hey sorry if this has been posted but trying to claim a museum collection and it’s not doing it. When I click claim nothink happens.

dont claim a single collection dude wait till you have both the toons that are up so you can get more sclass items it’s worth the wait

I think he should claim it but not open the box until later

why claim it on only a 1 toon collection when he has enough cakes for when theres a 2 toon collection he can complete, 1100 sclass items or 3300 it’s a no brainer to wait

because ha maybe hasn’t got two rooms an is not willing to pay for the second

I’m having the same problem btw, in my case it doesn’t work with Alice collection


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Good morning,

Thanks for the heads up - we’ve received similar player reports stating the Red Velvet Collection #16 and 17 cannot be claimed by some (it doesn’t let claim the rewards and no error message encountered either).

Our technical staff is currently looking into it, and we hope for a prompt resolution.

Thank you for bearing with us while we work on a fix for it, and apologies for the inconvenience.


Maybe make a free to play one as well instead of a premiere toon like fast shiva force ezikiel so that everyone can use there red velvet cakes please

A faction mate had same issue until she pulled from the Elena wheel and got cake tonight , it seem to reset whatever the issue was and allowed her to collect the Alice collection.

Samr exact thing happen to me with holly collection, when I did a pull and got cake it allowed me to collect finally.

I won’t pull to finish a collection I should be able to without pulling…

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Normal bug. Scopely design.

Working as intended :joy:

Same with Alice image


This is a known issue - I have posted here Red Velvet Collection #16 and 17 - [10/07] about it.



Strange how your Programmers are able to fix stuff that’s costing your Company money within minutes while stuff that’s not costing you remains broken for ages


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