Is Anna any good?


Hey there, just pulled 5* Ascendable Anna, is she worth ascending and putting on a team? She looks decent on paper, just after some insight if anybody uses her. Was gonna pop her on my all green stun Abe team.


For melee attack yes.


Yeah was gonna be the plan. Tho I’m short Lilliths for her Ar right now, so she’s not an immidiate need really.


She’s pretty good in a Carl lead team, the taunt and berserker can make her a beast. She’ll chop through guardian Zeke in one hit with her AR, with a few extra thousand damage for change. Despite that, she seems to be useless against Unrealistic Human Shield Jesus, just like everything else.


I like her on offense, but she’s not bad on defense with stun and some defensive mods, behind a Carl lead.


I love cutting through Jesus with my green team. Beat a few all red teams also. Thanks tho, think I’ll work on her and give her Zeke spot on said team and test out. Debating huge on defence as her active can be used turn 2 :thinking:


I was thinking that too, but the problem I have with that is I don’t have anything I want to give up to make room for it. I like my stun, and I feel like losing attack is out of the question, and without defense or HP, she seems to die pretty easily. Plus, I don’t really like her rush that much, personally


I hear ya man. I have Zeke or Glenn I’d only drop from said team, but Glenn is self explanatory, and Zeke is always the first to die on that team, even with his abs def Kukri. My thinking with her is taunt 3 round 2 with huge ap on def and she will pop round 3 no command, bonus ap will help her stay alive.

Aggh choices choices lol.


She is very good. Not many people run taunt resist so her active skill of taunt 3 is gonna help you out a lot


Good to hear. Looking forward to her being battle ready :blush: see what she can bring to the table. Just a lack of Lillith holding her back.


I regret not putting stun on her weapon and will once I get a few more tapes and kits. Other than that she’s good! Turn two taunt is nice for shields


I toyed with the idea of going for stun on her weapon but I’m not sure if I fancy wasting Tapes and kits on it.


Yes. I already got her 40% atk and a huge bonus to AP when attacking.


I’m thinking 40% attack and huge ap on defence :stuck_out_tongue:


Just so happens the account I have 2 of her on hasn’t crafted much. Last I checked I was at 90+ tapes and kits. Heh.

Worth a few of them trying for the stun club, I think


Oh aye! Deffo worth a shot then! Had loads of em for ages too. Empty af now tho. Been trying for another green stun religiously for a good 2 months and nada. Ugh Armoury is a ball ache.


just got it :sunglasses::hugs:


Congrats!!! :hugs:


i think stun really diminished in value since mods rolled out. ap down would be a better suit for her. she taunts so she draws people to attack her which can result in -ap for them and atk buff for you. plus in the process of going for it you could land 35 bonus atk which can alternatively suit her if you choose it. overall while she is fairly decent by herself where shes truly gonna shine is when shes paired up with someone like princess where you can pretty much lock down over half the enemy squad back to back thanks to their alternating cds and staggering ars and like mentioned above everyone is so quick to equip stun resist hardly anyone is resistant to taunt.


That’s a good point also. I have some time to think about it, as I have 0 Lilliths or Aden’s currently lol