Is Amber even worth it at this point?

Im debating on whether or not I should get amber. The only thing is by doing so I’d miss out on items for S-class toons and idk if it’s worth it at this point.

Yes! She’s a future s class and a beast


How do you know she’s a future S-Class? The thing is if I claim the ice cream cones I’d have enough for a 2nd Priya. So im trying to weigh out my options.

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Get Priya. BigDog has no clue what he’s talking about (I think he’s thinking of that Veteran Ring screenshot from a while ago, Amber was merely used as an example for the ring thing, she’s not going to be an S-Class)


Prob in a years + time they will make ascenable S-Classes for 6* toons and prob in hmmm 6-8 months time she will be available in a wheel or hopefully an up coming war wheel if they ever return, but this is just speculation

with all the payback/bide toons out there now amber isn’t as good as she used to be so I’d go with the ice creams


In the literal sense, none of scopleys digital content is worth anything. As a matter of fact, you wont even own any of it. But, on the flip side, any and all monies shelled out for said digital content, they WILL own. Food for thought.


based entirely off my draft arena experience, amber can be a really strong toon, but totally has a weakness against paybacks, bide not quite as much, but priya is also stupid with more attack than most toons have total stats, so its really whichever fits better with whatever you’re already using

Amber is nice but go for the collectibles S-Class is the future plain and simple


Get the S Class toons

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Rational minds should pick S class collectibles any day. Especially the ones that has a long term use.
I’d pick keys cause now I’ve only 1.5k, and Pete would go great with Christa. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback guys!! Looks like im going with S-Class toons.


But which one? Only makes sense to go for offensive leader

I think in the short term Amber may be good, but for long term I’d recommend raulito personally

amber is still incredible effective against teams with out payback on them, pair her with Diego and doc and you will be 2 turning all teams without payback and sclass, modded right and with veteran rings she will work against sclass still along as no payback will just be slower due to high stats

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Nah, Amber is trash :man_facepalming:

Of course she’s still very good. Many are taking out at least one of their Payback toon to put an S class toon instead. Just mod het right and you will t2/t3 90% of the teams.

Get 3 years time we’d have SSS .Amber might be useful

Amber is still a beast especially with the veteran rings. But it’s oretty hard to pass up on a third of an s class toon at this point.

She’s a killer. I smashed all weekend using her. The only teams she’s iffy with are the payback bastards. Any multi-attack rush is going to hit them regardless of how many other toons are left on the defense. The AI is too stupid to avoid them.

S class surpasses all 6* imo, that stat boost, the extra abilities in S class etc. If it’ll help you get an S class toon, I would say take that avenue. But that is just my opinion