Is alpha worth it?

Simple enough. I’m thinking about buying the key for the battle pass. I’m thinking of either going for alpha or finishing up princess.

For princess I already have one 5* and roughly 1k cards.


Edit: realized a poll would make more sense.

  • Alpha
  • Princess

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Yes. 7 chars

I would honestly just go for Princess. She may be one of the older s-class characters, but she still hits like a tank and is still arguably one of the top s-class toons out there


Alpha worth a lot. With the lack of strong trait heavy hitter toon, if you have the chance you should spend effort for her, even more now with the rise of high tank defenses with Jacki, Rosita, Tanya and goes on. You won’t regret.


I think Alpha is more relevant now, but I dunno how you operate without normalise. Maybe you have AJ or gentleman. Probably not. I feel Princess is more fundamental.

If ya dont have princess deff go for her I know I’m going for Mateo since I already had 2 6* or I would of went for alpha

Alpha si pretty useful for the defense down she does with her rush.

You must think carefully, ir you haven’t any S class princess yet will be a boost your atack.

I think Alpha is better imo.
Disarm is VERY good.

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Princess. No questions asked.

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Disarm, easy choice there.

If you don’t have princess she is 100% worth it. Alpha is still an extraordinary toon not only for her disarm but her insane damage output on top of inflicting 50% def down to finish off anyone else

Normalize > disarm


I want to state officially for the record that I hate @Zanwich so it always pains me to agree with him but I love Princess she is definitely one of the most useful toons in the game that being said I also really like green Alpha too but if you dont have princess yet definitely make her a priority


Princess Cards you can get every Event tough. Both have their Value on different circumstances. I could not without Princess in my Rooster. But getting Alpha Was a hughe Deal. She is a Beast to


Princess and her taunt + normalise are outstanding before you even get to her AR. Princess helps out so much. She is a game changer for individuals.
I would say Princess before Alpha but @foolya raises a very good point that Princess cards are more easily obtainable elsewhere.

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Don’t finish princess she’s worthless at least in defense

The toons which help you most in game are offensive toons. Defensive toons help you survive longer in war, protect a bit of food and materials if you don’t ghost and help prevent others getting higher scores from you in arenas. That’s about it.
Dont get me wrong - I collect defensive toons and spent months building a defence that is now rock solid in war, but offensive toons are paramount. Plus both of these toons are mainly offensive toons.