Is a farming bot or emulator a banable offense?

Curious, its being discussed. Hearing it is. Hearing it isnt. @kalishane

If its not I need help setting up one because in my region its currently impossible to win a solo level up. Guy who wins them all has one and its ON POINT hes won 15 straight solos or put up 2 million in every lvl up. Its amazing.

Can I get an answer on this please?? @kalishane its important I need to know.

Post was removed, that link says

But yeah, it’s against the TOS to have a farming bot. Emulator, I’m not sure

It’s okay to use an emulator but using a macro or bot might be against ToS.

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Yeah, @Xgen is correct. Auto farming is against the ToS. Emulators are okay, it’s still a grey area though

Nope, it’s against tos rules to use bots.

farming bot is not the cause that same guy winning 15 level ups.

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I’ve got a support message that says you can, and have seen 3 different messages posted by players here in forums that screenshot the support message saying this is okay too.
Maybe it’s against TOS until it starts selling in Shop under name AUTO FARM(P2P)

Remember this is Scopley LiveOps we’re talking about. They say and do the opposite of what we ask, so if you ask if it’s bad to use bots, they’ll say no, even though it is an offense and against tos rules to do so. I’m beginning to think that LiveOps working for Scopley are bots, and they get confused time to time, and Scopley has to reprogram them.

just do it… they cant caught you. They are too busy trying to milk $$ with promo’s.
Cant ban hackers… DEF wont waste time on bots.


You’re just cherry picking arguments if you think it’s ok to use bots. Yes, I seen that one screenshot of someone from in-game support saying it’s ok. It’s a third-party app that gives you an advantage over other people, how is that not cheating?

And yes, let’s all hack and cheat since everyone else hacks and cheats and Scopely doesn’t care about hacks and cheats. Great logic.


everyone can make a maco… for free

Rather make a taco for free


Where in tos does it say that? Or are you quoting bs

Looking at this game after over 1 year… I’m a free to play player. And that game is so much time consuming in every day in week. (I’m talking about farming) that I don’t have objections to people that use macros to auto farm. If you have a normal life, job you will not spend your time on auto clicking entire time to farm gloves on roadmap. It’s a waste of time… I really understand that people use bots. And at some point I might consider it… Since this game is not rewarding f2p players so much.

Yes, I can understand why people would do it especially on this game, but no matter how you choose to justify it, you’re still cheating. My guess is that OP knew the answer already, but just wants someone to tell him it’s ok.

No i dont use one. I wont.

There’s an arguement in my region that it isnt cheating so. I just wanted anwsers.

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