Is a change in war scores needed/wanted as apparently the community has requested this

Does the community want/need a change to the winning/losing war bonus?

  • Yes
  • No

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Only thing war needs is a change to reward structures.


rewards needs to be fixed. Want better score blow more cans

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completely agree. Point scoring isn’t something that I or anyone in my faction is clamoring for. If they change it now, I suspect a LOT of people will get upset. What needs to be fixed is the rewards structure.


coz 600 S class items for first is a joke.

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You get more in level ups, it’s a joke indeed

2k of your picking up to rank 10? sounds fair? limit of one box and 2 boxes for first.

Strange question

Do people even know what the winning bonus is in war? I’m kinda shocked at the number of people who don’t know.

We know, it just isn’t a priority to the playerbase. Rewards being addressed is majority’s priority. Give them a tangible reason to fight.


Its we dgaf what VV wants cuz they are scared cuz they cant match…not playerbase problem, the 6k vs 4k gave people some sort of hope to keep going, now they will queue up even less now, because there is no point to keep them in the game. S class was way beyond enough & now changing bonuses because VV has an issue of matchmaking…makes total sense to me…slow clap slow clap.


Youre making it a VV issue it’s an overall issue.

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I voted no just cause @Gov voted yes :sunglasses:

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No, it’s not. Matchmaking is a VV problem, it has been tweaked for everyone else.
If players from VV want better matchmaking, they can go and join other facs who don’t have any issue with it.
If they want to only have one fac that they are appropriately matched with, then they can stay where they are

So VV beat the game they should break up…lol.

Then TTT starts getting screwed and everyone says they should break up…until 15 factions in front of your current ranking break up you snag a few then you magically earned your way to the top…now you’re to strong…dont play with your friends cause we think you’re too good.


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its the same as the post from a few weeks ago

“We are the 2nd best faction in the game and we keep getting matched with number 1, why arent we being matched with rank 100 so we cann stomp all over them”


they havent beaten the game though.

They just have all of the super whales in one faction so it makes it hard for them to be matched and makes no one want to coin to fight them. Whats the point when you know they will just out coin your coining and win anyway

So the strategy for a lot of factions is simply “They have first locked up we have no chance, use ur free energy and drop def to move on”

Change the way points are awarded and that is going to happen a whole lot more. To get decent matches they now have to wait for everyone else to catch up on the s class that they have


S16 average teams will take much longer to match teams because no other faction has such an average. Maybe they should have thought about it before combining all biggest spenders under 1 faction. For the rest of the 1000+ factions matchmaking has improved (factions most face factions of similar strength). So now to counter this you are asking for a bigger difference between win and lose bonus? No thanks. Maybe if they really want competition (instead of squashing everyone) they should split in 2 factions in the same region and fight each other until the last coin.

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What score changes? Don’t think majority of customer even know anything about it

Since you are not on PC you have no right to speak for VV oh i mean the player base. Since they gave your forum access back for being on PC I guess they need to take that away…

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