Is 8v8 war dying


So is 8v8 war slowly dying?
Over here in Henry region we have only got 33 active factions is that a lot, but by active I mean have taken part in a war not necessarily all the time.


Irwin only 25. We blame last war on Super Bowl, but seems the trend continues - less players.


28 in Dougherty

Wars in general are not getting numbers. People just are not into this game like use to.


26 in Marion, only 19 have 10 wars or more and only 11 more than 20


Only 17 factions in Henry have done more than 10 wars.


2 factions in Floyd, we have had 3 wars in total.

8v8 makes it very hard, 6v6 is still pretty fun especially with crw.


Blame it on the rewards. Same thing in my region


Only 54 facs above 10 wars. Shut it down.
Or open us up.


16 factions with > 10 wars in Irwin.


28 in Morgan and about 16 with more then 10 war’s


24 active factions in BIBB, 15 with more than 10 wars


23 in Stephens. 16 above 10 wars. Makes matchmaking fun. Not!


22 faction fighting on pike only 15 whit over 10wars


Jasper: 29 factions warring. Only 11 have gone more than 15 wars.

Seems game wide. Game is in trouble.


Conecuh has 15 factions. And only 11 with more than 10 wars


Yeah its been very slow getting 8 to join with numbers dropping in my region activity is down. Prefer 6v6 these days less waiting around.


11 factions on the board
Total in barbour


26 factions who warred in bleckley…sad weekend


27 on banks 20 over 10… time has come for account migration


Honestly I just noticed since this has been brought up we only have 23 factions with any war points at all.

this is the bottom of the list.