Is 6* Rick up to scratch?

Rick has been released as a legacy ascendable and has been buffed up a fair bit. Stats, Rush and weapon have all seen increases in power and he also has a nice active in there as well. Keeping his Guardian specialist skill was a must in my opinion so it is great to see him as a G2. But what do the masses think?

Is Rick a good 6 Star?

  • Yes
  • No

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Scopely It’s going the right way, it is difficult to please everyone, you can not be gold coin to like everyone but have respected the skill, the active is very decent to be F2P and the weapon, is not an absolute defense, but meets the needs of a Guardián 2.
You only have to follow that good path and not back two steps when you give a good one.


Take him to the team


Dat hp dough…

Scopely has done quite well with these new 6 star characters wish they would give more F2P decaps and disarms tho but im not complaining

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Well built character. Guardian2, taunt, and active revive. Should replace Zeke for almost every using zeke so anytime a character can be subbed in so easily he’s a great character.

Also 50% hp boost to 3 is nice! He is def replacing zeke for people

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How can you get him?

Very good character in my opinion. He does many things, and he does it right, unlike that Red Trait Rick from a while ago.

The Shit 6* one?

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Why all said hes ftp chr ?

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Yes, such a terrible character.

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I thought he looked like an alright 5* With his rush.Safety Behind Bars Rick Though👌

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Because hes been rewards for multiple events in the past as well as in wheels. Ive had 3 of him total through the years.

5* tokens ive gotten a few unfortunately i fed all but 1 away. He is also in valentine’s wheel and possibly any of the others as well

we dont talk about him.