Is 6* laopo good?

Is she worth using as a 6* or would magna/Douglas be a better fit? I’ve ran into a few of her so far and she hadn’t gave me much trouble.

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She is much better on attack than defence - that’s why you may undervalue her.

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I’m running S class priya on offense atm so I don’t know where she would fit in on my attack team. I have used her S class in arenas and she does destroy teams with Stevens on it.

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Who’s your lead? Any huge ap on attack blue/green leads out there?

Put her behind Diego so she and Priya can wreak havoc.

I am after raulito to pair her up with him and James

She’s very good but you need to boost her AR cause she’s quite slow.

daze is op…

laopo isn’t that good as just a 6*. ascend her to s class and she can be useful.

lao is awesome on attack if u can control her rush. Once u make her rush u wont have to worry about enemy toons rushing

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