Is 6* Holly the most OP Revive?


there are 2 f2p revives in a year solange and season 2 sandy



Holly is pretty overtuned.

It makes sense, because every single Overtuned new released Sells like Crazy.

This is meant to be Another Cash Grab!

The more OP toons they release, means the more average fodder we get for Free!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t mind, we already have a Free shield and Revive comin out.
Why not add more Insanely Powerful stuff to the Mix!



People love complaining about the whining of the whales. No one ever complains about the whining of the f2p


Even if you took out the revive, healing and guardian shields, she would still be OP. If she goes off and is still behind a shield, your AP generation is completely shot. If there are 2 of them, now everyone has elusive, and AP generation goes to 0 for 2 turns. Without any rushes, it becomes practically impossible to win.


Happy Holly-days :laughing: :christmas_tree::snowflake::snowman_with_snow:


Elusive toons do not give AP when attacking, you’re practically impaired.


This made me chuckle


all I know is maybe choose the toons who can get ap with themselves against her…not sure which toon can be the key to finish it


The beginning has come to a end


“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”



Yeah you mean like her or gov who gives what 20 ap to two lol


Can we get the “”"“Scoply team”"""" to show us a video on how to defeat this toon behind Lydia and shields and other revives?
I’m really curious to see how they do it.



You mean


they will use harper / wayland / andrea shield / other strong recent premier toons that if you dont already own them


(Almost) every revive is strong at their launch

However, holly is the strongest at the time of their launch


Make it a F2P team then since they claimed they have one team assign to that :joy::joy::joy:


Carson + Heath is a good start. Carson is in the depot, and Heath is in the league store currently. (Yes I’m aware they are both 5* :wink:)


It’s cool, I have nothing against 5* (been using kate&SR zek for a long time now)
Saddly Carson has never showed up for me and Heath isn’t something I’m thinking of buying from leagues ahah
I’ve been using a full green team to beat Lydias but adding Holly to the mix might just make my raid impossible. (I’m pure F2P)


One of my buddies got her on his free survivor’s club pull. He hadn’t even heard of her because he doesn’t follow the forums. I had to explain why she was worth ascending! LMAO


i beat lydia teams all teh time. now erika is the problem