Is 6* Holly the most OP Revive?


Scopely releasing Holly like:


The only way to stay relevant now might be to pull really big and then refund


Wayland would eat this chick up… whom is also a p2w toon lol


Seriously, all this game caters to is timeout defense which no one finds fun.


Only a few characters have hemmorage


Completely underpowered toon, a specialist with no leader skill? Sorry but nope. Outdated. Only 2 slots for resist mods? Pfff, there should be at least 6.

Revive one? Don’t make me laugh, we should be into the era of triple revive rushes by now.
In fact she should have outlast on top of guardian so she revives 3 and heals herself upon dying. And while we’re at it, only a healing rush? Where’s the blanket 250% bonus hp to all teammates? 76AP? YAWN. 44AP (pre-charged at the start of the raid) or she may as well not even HAVE a rush.

Token bonus hp inclusion on her trash weapon, it should be disarm-proof and reflect 1500% dmg and Decapitate while confusing all adjacent toons for 4 turns, at a MINIMUM.

Appalling release, can’t believe they think a toon like that would sell. Buff her Scopely, make this right!!!


Another ducking revive ffa scopely


It’s the elusive. I think this is seriously risky of causing a blockade against different tiers.

You get that covering a sheild and it’s big trouble. And pump Lydia defense / bonus hp and I find it difficult to see how one recovers.


It was hard to recover before but now it is flee time if you get unlucky at start of raid.


F2P needs a turn 1 active skill that sacrifices one of your own characters for one of the opponents, both get decapped. That way there might actually be a chance to win a raid before the entire opposing team has 100% bonus HP, 75% defense, full guardian shields, and everyone has elusive.


You’d still have to cut through some more Revives and shields after that though. :joy:


No thanks id rather save my money. :-1:


i bet shes mediocre, scopely surely has something better in their sleeve… :joy: :rofl:


Doesn’t elusive block both teams from gaining AP?


In a Lydia build with bonus HP and then the two round Elusive, you’re going to need a flawless first three rounds to take some of these teams out. One mistake or some bad RNG with AP drain mods, stun, confuse, etc and I have no clue how you will recover once AR goes off and revive loop starts.


Damage done by a toon with Elusive does not trigger AP gain for the team taking damage so you literally are stuck in neutral for two rounds.


True. This toon is pretty much game-breaking.


I think Holly is not really OP it depends on the attack team you use. If it’s range lead it’s gonna be more difficult, if you use a melee lead with yellows it’s gonna be a easy takedown. The guardian, heal and revive is insane however if shes behind a shield.


Games in decline and they’re cashing out


If you use a yellow team (without wayland) and you don’t kill all the revives behind an erika team, forget about it. They will all chain revive.