Is 6* Holly the most OP Revive?


I would probably shit a brick too if this was the 5 star era with a rush like that. Great thing six stars have active skills that give ap to self or each other. Weapons that are craftable for ap gain like bonus ap as well.

But you right 2 turns of elusive is too much but if am reading her rush right it says to the “other teammates” get elusive? Meaning not the revived character.


I reckon early next year we’ll see ‘Decapitate II’ or the like once they’re finished on revive alley


Scopes logic in a nutshell


Just did a quick test. All but her get elusive.


They plan and hold these toons and only release to ensure spending it seems like it. Also if there is any weeks with lower earnings or there in a small financial slump for the scopely corporate"fat cats" they save these toons then releases these toons as they know folk will spend hard to get them. Another revive aswell jeez.




Yellow Sandy, Joshua, etc… Wayland.


that wont help put on her ap when taking dmg with impair reaist and ahe will turn on before you kill her


Lol but she has the weapon which makes her annoying to hit…


Them hemorrhage.


Ridiculous. Stay tuned for the addicts to storm the bank branches for moar loans.


How about using a leader with “huge ap when taking damage” vs her… u cant make ap when hitting,but youll still get ap when being hit. Theres always a work-around


Go with 2much for now but w8 till they release round one ARs meh same old.This looks odd tho So if you buy 2 of her she get elusive for the whole team lol?


Nope. You dont got AP from hits


Scoply remove healing when taking damage make its to other teammates in past. now it’s back with this chr which revive and healing full him self .this chr is too much over power and u need special chr to killing him . No way u should nerf her


how is holly not overpowered but the wanderer was ? oh i forgot wanderer is FTP.

just waiting for a toon with 10 AR. Mega Nuke will be the skill. throw a bomb at a group of enemies that does 10,0000 dmg lol


im waiting for the inevitable…holly to the museum posts




Nerf her before realising her , like you did with Ramanov (the 2000 def )
You can just remove the elusive and do +15 ap instead of +35 in the Active skill , and number of use is one


Bahaha. This toon is a disgrace. Maybe passable at 85 but as 76, you NEED to kill her on turn two or else your going to lose. And hays if she doesn’t get commanded by siddiq turn two.