Is 6* Holly the most OP Revive?


6* Holly has been released, how good do you think she is?

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How OP is Holly

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Little preview of her, her rush (which has 4 seperate elements), specialist, active and special weapon.


Insanely overpowered toon


They should rename her Holly “Gone too far” lol


Ok that was pretty good :wink:


Michonne said it right, next week we will have another toon drop thats even more stupidly powerful. Game balance has long left the rts world


How powerful will they get b4 they think, hey what about creating 7*s?


Where is gain AP in the rush? Unless I’m blind…


Its coming and sadly people here have an addiction to gambling and cant see history repeat itself. The power creep is real rn


Neutralize toons are going to love her.

She really isn’t out of the ordinary from all the other revive toons that are p2p.


No toon is overpowered, as long as you can’t use IDDQD or Impulse 255


you are not, it is in the active! will be edited out soon


Erika, erika, magna, magna, holly

Lydia, lydia, jesus, magna, holly

Im gonna be sick


How do you neutralize a toon that will most likely be behind 1 or 2 shields… You neutralize her, another toons AR just goes off. Good luck with that. Also, most neutralize toons are red… Yellow is rare, who is it beta who no one uses lol. I could be forgetting others


All these revives are insane… And right after Gabriel


Stupidly overpowered and more to come. May as well get comfortable into a slight retirement at this rate.


at least she didnt get a leader skill or active like revive focus all 2 turns plus 50 percent ap

that’s prolly next


She doesn’t really add anything else that you are not already use to imo.

In my eyes all she brings to the table is a new special weapon stat that she is bound with. Doesn’t make what happens after she rush that devastating compare to erika and Lydia.

All scopely done is tried to replace that G2 Glenn and hunter/ yellow revive tyresse for this new holly so that leaves the 5th slot for someone else to take up that can add to the team build.


Just giving my first impression based on her as a character. Now her with a team is another discussion.


you are massively under estimating elusive to all team mates for 2 turns. 0 AP gain after she rushes and you will only get 1 turn between her rushes to gain AP.


Meh…people just like to complain…
Unfortunately I am broke so no pulls for me.